What is Crime Stoppers?

Crime stoppers, is a kind of program that is meant to prevent happenings of criminal activities with the help of citizen.  This program encourages those citizens who intend to solve crime from their surrounding areas and demands them to supply key information which may help the authority to bring the culprits to justice.  And, if your supplied information worked, you will be rewarded up to $1000.
Who benefits from Crime Stoppers?
This program offers plenty of benefits for society, families and individuals.  And, with the help of this program thousands of criminal activities cases have been successfully dealt. Besides, the success of this effective program is highly depending with the success of your society and unless you do not play your responsible role, we cannot march ahead.
Besides, in the last few months, Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers received plenty of tips in a one month and all those supplied information helped the authority to arrest big number of criminals. Take for the granted, in just 2011; this effective program got 4,997 telephone calls which led to arrest of 778 criminals.
Apart from this, in 2011, 1,795 cases were successfully closed and the $329,986 dollars had also been recovered from the stolen property and narcotics drugs.  Besides, the highest reward for this year was $182,000 dollars.
Who controls Crime Stoppers?
Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization that is generally controlled by businessmen and women life you. And, it works under the “Board of Directors” who oversees the organization. Besides, the members in Board of Directors are local and private citizens.  This program is implemented through Coordinator of this organization and assistant who is employed by Lee County Sheriff’s Office.  Both of these officials have only one motto that is to stop crime and work as Crime Stoppers.
Who Funds Crime Stoppers?
This program is run through funding received from individuals, institutions, corporations, donations, social groups, retailers and from professional associations. It is administrated by Attorney General’s Office and following all rules and regulations of the state. Furthermore, you should call Crime Stoppers office at (239) 477-1407 for more details.
How does Crime Stoppers work?
Generally, criminal activities are circulated through electronic, social and print media and all the citizens who know certain information about any criminal are asked to make calls to Crime Stoppers for rapid action. Their calls and names are kept as top secret which are not subjected to share with anyone. In simple words, if you know a wanted person living in your surrounding areas, you should call Crime Stoppers for arresting the criminal. If the information you supply helps the authority to arrest any criminal, you will be offered $1,000 reward.
What is Student Crime Stoppers?
Lee County schools have been promoting Student Crime Stoppers since 1994 and this program has grossly helped the law enforcement agencies to lessen down the crime rate in the past few years. Besides, the information students supply to the Crime Stoppers office are kept as top secret and their identity is shown as anonymous. They are also eligible for $1,000 reward if they help to arrest any nominated criminal.
How can YOU become involved?
There are plenty of ways to get involved in this noble activity. Exactly, you can contribute your money, service, time and information for making our community safe and secure from the criminals.  Lastly, you can also become a member of Board of directors to ensure the safety and security of our state.  For more details visits our official website or call Crime Stoppers in Southwest Florida (239) 477-1407.

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