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4 Uncommon Personal Injury Claims That Your Lawyer Can Comfortably Contest

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Many times, physical or psychological injury sustained by an individual qualifies for a personal injury claim. It’s only that most victims lack the knowledge to assess their present situation and what led them there. For that reason, you’ll need a lawyer to file your claim and enter into negotiations with the party at fault. Contrary to that, you risk losing compensation and benefits you outrightly deserved, had you pursued the case further without legal support. Which are these uncommon injury claims that qualify for a personal injury lawyer?

1. Animal Injury Claim
When you unexpectedly get bitten by a neighbor’s dog as you walk around your neighborhood, you can pursue the issue by making a claim. Injuries sustained from dog or cat bites can be severe enough to warrant an injury claim. You stand a chance of being compensated as long as you have a competent legal representation. A personal injury attorney will help you pursue compensations from the owner of the animal.

2. Pollution Claim
Most companies produce wastes such as noise, untreated water, and smoke and release them to the surroundings while overlooking the implications of their actions. When these hazardous emissions reach people’s homes, they can result in severe ailments as well as injuries. Proving injury claims caused by pollution isn’t easy. As such, you’ll need the services knowledge and experience of a personal injury lawyer.

3. Defect Product
The beauty industry is growing rapidly with many cosmetic companies selling products that promise profound results. People are becoming more conscious of how they look, which creates new markets for beauty products and beauticians. However, little is being done to control this sector leaving consumers at risk of harmful products and incompetent beauticians and hairdressers. If you have sustained an injury due caused by a defective product or service, you are eligible to make a claim for compensation.

4. Sports Injury Claim
Generally, there are elements of risk involved in sports. Whether you are a participant or a spectator, you never know when a stray cricket ball hits you. But if you contract an injury due to the negligence of another party in a sporting field, you deserve to be compensated. In extreme sports, there is an aspect of insurance, and it often affects your claim. Here, you’ll need a personal injury lawyer to prove the presence of negligence by the relevant parties.

These are just examples of injury claims that can often be neglected.
An injured party goes through a lot of pain and anguish, leave alone the loss of capacity to work. That said, it’s vital to find a good personal injury lawyer with strong oral advocacy in negotiating compensation. In case you don’t know any injury attorneys, it’s advisable you ask from friends and family.

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