Dan Park Law Group Car crash,Personal injury lawyers I’ve Been In A Bad Car Crash And Need Help What Can An Attorney Do For Me?

I’ve Been In A Bad Car Crash And Need Help What Can An Attorney Do For Me?

A car crash rarely involves just the driver.

Just one missed opportunity to turn on time can result in loss of life and severe injury. Accidents with commercial trucks are widely known to damage the environment due to the heavy loads they carry and drunk driving remains one of today’s biggest road hazards. When you find yourself in the crosshairs of a bad driving experience it can be hard to know what to do. Do you focus your funds on paying off medical bills or do you go a step further and get to the bottom of the crash? When you need answers, accident victim defense attorneys are ready to help.

Experienced with the prevalence of the car crash and the ripple effect it sends throughout the country, an attorney can give you a place to start on the road to recovery.

Car Accidents Around The World

A unifying issue that spans the world at large are accidents with commercial trucks and single-passenger vehicles. It’s thought over one million people will die in car accidents on a yearly basis. Over one and a half million people are arrested in the same span of time for drunk driving. Whenever you step behind the wheel you take on the responsibility to not just ensure your own safety, but the safety of others. A common issue brought to the attention of attorneys today is driving under the influence.

The Continued Problem Of Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence remains one of today’s biggest hazards, beating out even black ice and vehicle negligence. Drunk driving is a term that factors in attempting to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or over-the-counter medication. Anything that can impair reaction time and influence judgment is fair grounds for a potential criminal charge, that of which is determined with the aid of an attorney. Alcohol-related deaths account for 30% of the victims in car accidents. Distracted driving, however, is perhaps even more insidious.

The Growing Issue Of Distracted Driving

While a drunk driver can be potentially spotted by erratic movement or a breathalyzer test, distracted driving is difficult to notice until it’s too late. Defined by attempting to multi-task while behind the wheel, distracted driving accounts for 10% of all car accident deaths today. At any given daylight moment across the United States over 650,000 drivers are using cell phones, manipulating electronic devices, or eating food while behind the wheel. Distracted drivers can potentially face criminal charges for neglect. When just one second is needed to prevent an accident, it’s not hard to see how this can be compromised.

Potential Concerns Of Slip And Fall Incidents

You might also reach out to an attorney not just for accidents with commercial trucks, but to ask about compensation for a work-related injury. Over 20% of slip and fall incidents have resulted in over 30 days from work, which can seriously impact a person’s ability to recover properly. The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) has reported over 17,000 slip and fall accidents occurring every year. Your state can potentially provide assistance with medical bills in the form of workers’ compensation. You’ll be in a better spot to handle it all with a lawyer by your side.

Reaching Out To A Car Accident Lawyer

Damage caused by drunk driving doesn’t end when you arrive at the hospital. It follows for months, perhaps years, in the form of bills and a distrust of the open road. Accidents with commercial trucks and property damage caused by a distracted driver are just a few of the issues that are best brought to the attention of an attorney. Over 20% of federal civil personal injury lawsuits come from vehicle crashes, with another 15% from product liability. Should you be concerned about seeing a courtroom you can lay those fears to rest. Over 95% of personal injury cases today are actually settled pretrial.

Pick yourself back up again. Reach out to an attorney and ask what they can do to help you recover.

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