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Immigration and naturalization

Green card complications are unavoidable. With the constant barrage of new immigration law and changes to the green card application process, it can make it nearly impossible to become naturalized in the United States. How can you tell if you have I-9 compliance or if your J-1 waivers have been submitted correctly?

As of 2012, the U.S. Census stated 41 million immigrants lived in the country, with an average of 1,001,715 green cards given out each year. While the green card application process may be arduous, these numbers show that they are far from impossible to obstain, and that is why immigration law firms exist.

While the majority of immigration referrals come from job creators, recruiters, and foreign-born professionals and students, what the laws actually do is provide “benefits” for individuals. In these high-tech times, most individuals will go to the internet for this information. To establish trust with prospective clients, as well as to make an immigration law office more visible, one has to create an internet presence.

While the majority of visas and naturalization are for family members, which may not be lower than 226,000 per year in the United States, other reasons for immigration include asylum from ones native country. These refugees are unable to return to their former country due to a “well-founded fear of persecution,” which can be due to race, religion, or as a member of a persecuted social group.

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