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Taking A Look At Common Types Of Car Accidents In The US

As any truck accident lawyer or car accident lawyer can tell you, motor vehicle accidents are hugely common all throughout the United States, with about five and a half million of them happening with each and every year and as many as three million injuries taking place as a result, some minor but some very severe and even life altering. In part, this is simply due to the fact that there are so many cars and other such motor vehicles on the road – more than two hundred and sixty million of them – and nearly as many licensed drivers – around two hundred and twenty million of them currently holding a valid license and many such people out and on the road on a daily basis. In fact, all drivers here in the United States tend to spend at least fifty minutes a day in their cars or other such motor vehicles.

As any truck accident lawyer can tell you, driving a large truck can pose a particular danger. In fact, more than four hundred and fifty thousand motor vehicle accidents involving large trucks were reported in the year of 2016 alone, with more than twenty percent of these crashes (twenty two percent, to be more exact) causing injuries, many of quite a serious nature. Truck accidents can happen when a car does not realize that they are in the blind spot of a truck, and many truck accident lawyers deal with such trucking accidents.

Trucks are also more likely to get into a trucking accident when the driver of said truck is in any way not fit to be driving on the road. It is too often that truck drivers get behind the wheel while exhausted, and this can lead to many of the cases that are seen by the typical truck accident lawyer or truck accident attorney. Driving while inebriated is a type of truck accident case often commonly seen by the typical truck accident lawyer, but drunk driving is certainly not a problem only among truck drivers.

Aside from the truck accident lawyer, the general car accident lawyer is also likely to see a number of motor vehicle accident cases that have originated from driving under the influence. For instance, up to three hundred thousand people get behind the wheel of their vehicle while intoxicated each and every day, but only around four thousand of these people are actually apprehended and arrested. Unfortunately, this leaves the rest of the intoxicated drivers to continue to endanger not only the people around them or with them, but themselves as well.

Drunk driving is so severe of a problem that up to twenty eight people will lose their lives as a result of it each and every day here in the United States. To compound this fact, it has also been found that a brand new person will sustain an injury of some nature in a drunk driving related incident each time two minutes passes all throughout the day, no matter what the time of day or night. But drunk driving is not the only threat on the road, as any car accident attorney or truck accident lawyer will be able to attest to.

Distracted driving is also a huge risk for drivers of all ages who are out on the road at any given time, as it is estimated that up to six hundred thousand people are distracted in some way at any point on the roads that traverse this country. In many cases, the culprit of the distraction is a smart phone, addicting devices that just about everyone has nowadays. But while you might think of texting and driving when you think of distracted driving, driving while distracted encompasses so much more.

Of course, texting while driving is a big part of it, but so too is using any navigational system on your phone while on the road. So too can talking on the phone be a distracting force. Even eating while driving or drinking something can prove to be distracting enough to be dangerous. Being as careful as possible while on the road is key.

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