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These People Seriously Sued? (Strange Lawsuits)

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We’re at it again with another helping of bizarre-o lawsuits that will make you want to hire a lawyer. You can never be too prepared when people like this are on the loose.

Not MY fault! – After a passionate affair with Nassau County officer Mike Tedesco, Tara Obenauer tried to sue the county for $10 million. Why? Because she claims that they didn’t do enough to prevent the affair from happening. “Get your boy!” This lawsuit was never brought to court, for obvious reasons. (Though I’m sure the county has group legal insurance.)

Can’t we just snuggle? – A New York college student by the name of Hubert Blackman hired an escort while in Las Vegas. Blackman was upset that the prostitute didn’t spend more time with him, and attempted to sue the escort service for his $275 back, plus an additional $1.8 million for his troubles. Does that include legal fees?

My car will never be the same! – Tomas Delgado, in his Audi sports car, struck and killed a 17-year-old boy in Spain when the boy rode into the street on his bicycle. Delgado then sued the boy’s family for almost $30,000 because of the damage the accident had done to his car. He pulled the lawsuit after the entire country blew up his spot and called him out. I don’t know what kind of attorney would take that case.

I said 50%! – After Dr. Richard Batista gave a kidney to his lovely wife Dawnelle, she filed for divorce. (Okay, well not immediately after, but some time later.) In a bitter jab, Batista filed a lawsuit demanding that she give his kidney back to him. Ouch.

When strange people like this exist, you really can’t be too prepared. It almost seems easier to have an attorney ready than to get caught in a surprise lawsuit! See this link for more. Find more on this here.


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