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Three Troubling Statistics About the State of DUI Arrests in California

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This year, it’s estimated that over 10,000 people will die in drunk driving-related auto accidents — an average of one every 50 minutes. On top of that, one person is injured every minute in a drunk driving crash. Financially, DUI cases cost every adult nearly $500 per year in America.

And if you live in California, the realities are far, far worse.

These statistics bring up a troubling question: why would anyone want to drive drunk in the first place? The problem is that there is no simple answer, and the issue continues to get more complex the more you probe into it. Law enforcement, however, has become less and less understanding. Now, California DUI offenders can face serious jail time for DUI-related arrests, even without serious accidents. Why? The numbers speak for themselves.

California had 200,000 DUI arrests last year alone.

Leading the national average by several thousands arrests, California consistently comes in first as the state addled with the most DUI arrests — over 4,000 coming from Los Angeles County alone. With legal ramifications and DUI attorney fees piling up, the state has had enough and has begun to crack down on those arrested for DUI, even the first-time offenders. But who do those tend to be?

The vast majority of arrests made were for people ages 21-30.

The young and the beautiful, of course. The folks who fancy themselves invincible, no doubt. What happens to a first-time DUI offender in a California court? A suspended license, fines totaling up to $1,000 and potential jail time are all possibilities, as are court-mandated alcohol training programs. Couple that with the prohibitive criminal defense attorney fees and you’re looking at a remarkably expensive ride home from the bar or party, sometimes as costly as $10,000 when all is said and done.

The most commonly reported BAC level was 0.12.

Even the best DUI defense attorney can’t save you when you blow a 0.12 on a breathalyzer test. The federal legal limit is 0.08 and there’s simply no leniency for other figures. There’s also no way to really tell how what you’ve drank will translate into tangible BAC numbers. Everyone’s body processes alcohol differently, after all.

For more information about DUI attorney fees and potential legal consequences, contact a local law firm or a trusted legal professional. And remember to keep a cab service’s number saved in your phone. It’s better not to tempt fate and find out the hard way. Read more.

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