Are You Looking for a Military Divorce Lawyer?

Three friends. Same story.

Although you really want to focus on the beautiful weddings and the glorious receptions of your friends from college. It is difficult to ignore the tragedy of three of your friends, all whom married someone who was in the military. While you and most of your friends are enjoying the married lives that you are all leading, you have three different friends who have all had to spend time with a military divorce lawyer in the last six months.

Like you, and the other college friends who graduated, found jobs, and planned weddings, these three friends have had months, sometimes years, of loneliness. While there husbands were deployed they tried to do everything within their power to remain in a marriage that showed little rewards, all three struggled with the pain of being separated and the despair when the communication across miles ended.

None of them planned for this heartache, obviously, but none of them were prepared for the long days and night when a spouse is across the world. All Three girls picked up their lives and moved to where their husbands were stationed, but those moves seem to have just separated them from their family and friends, their support systems. All three of them tried to form bonds with other military wives, but many of those friendships were difficult to maintain when those wives were moved around the world or across the country. Unfortunately, none of your three friends were in a situation where they could have travelled with their husbands if they wanted. All three of the them were married to men who had classified assignments that did not allow for a spouse to move.

You know that there are certainly many other reasons why couples consult family lawyers and end up filing for divorce, but when it comes to your friend group, the military seems to be the common denominator in the marriages that have not lasted.

Military Divorce Attorneys Help Clients Navigate the Specific Challenges That Active Service People Face

When you are at a point where you need to consult with a military divorce lawyer you probably have some challenging problems to face. How do you, for instance, go through the divorce process when your spouse is thousands of miles away? How do you work out child custody issues when the military spouse is rarely home? Fortunately, a military divorce lawyer is specifically prepared to help deal with these kinds of circumstances. Like other divorces, as many as 91% of custody agreements are ordered outside of the courtroom. And while the national average rate of divorce is sometimes as high as 40% to 50%, there are some studies that show that the divorce rates for individuals deployed in the U.S. Navy are only 12.5%. If you are one of the 12%, however, your struggle is still significant.

Few spouses want to leave a partner who is serving their country, but there are times when a marriage is no longer productive or healthy. When children are involved, the challenges can be greater, but with the right military divorce lawyer couples can get the advice and the help that they need to transition into a healthier and happier situation. As of the year 2016, there were an estimated 13.4 million custodial single parents in the U.S., and some of these parents were part of military marriages that simply did not work out.

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