I Got Hurt On the Job – What Should I do?

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Getting hurt on the job: it happened to me and there is no doubt, especially if you work in a labor intensive field, that it could happen to you. You might hear all kinds of advice from “talk to workers comp lawyers” to “you need to start a job lawsuit.” However, if you work in a company with a good amount of people, an human resources employee might be your best bet. Below are a few things you can expect from your experience after getting hurt at work.
Get to Know Your Worker’s Comp policy
Each insurance plan writes workers comp insurance differently depending on a lot of different factors. The most important thing that you should know is that my accepting any kind of workers comp, you are forfeiting your right to sue at a later date. It’s best to start by working with workmans compensation lawyers to take a look at your policy and see if it will be sufficient.
Work Closely with a Workers Compensation Lawyer
Getting hurt on the job is already no fun, but even less fun is navigating the financial aspect of it. There are caps on the value of certain injuries and those caps don’t necessarily cover all the cost you would incur while missing work and healing. It’s okay to say “no, my ailment is work more than that” if you truly believe that it is.
It’s Not Always Grueling
Go into the whole thing with a positive attitude and remain positive until given a reason to feel otherwise. These situations are often painted as tense exchanges when in reality, your employer wants you to feel better as quickly as you want to feel better. If you accept a workmans comp package, your company should be in contact about your healing process often.
Getting hurt at work doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Open communication with your employer and a lawyer will help make things as flawless as possible.

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