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3 Infrequently Asked But Important Questions About Georgia Workers Comp


Workers compensation can be a complicated and confusing process for those who have never been hurt on the job before. However, a workers comp lawyer can help you understand the process of filing workers compensation claims and what to do should your claim be denied.

As many as 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses took place amount private industry workers in the U.S. in 2015 alone. Workplace injuries keep you from not only doing your job but from providing for yourself and your family.

That being said, here are some of the less frequently asked, but still important, questions about workers compensation to give you a more in-depth look at the filing process in the state of Georgia.

  1. Can I receive workers comp benefits if my doctor’s released me to work? Once your doctor has cleared you to work with no restrictions, your workers compensation benefits will be cut off. However, if you believe you still need the benefits your workers comp provides you even after being released, speak to your workers comp lawyer to figure out the best way you can proceed.
  2. Is it legal for my employer to ask me to resign after a workers comp settlement? While it may not be in your favor, it’s legal for your employer to ask you to resign after you’ve settled a workers comp dispute. Although your employer may decide to give you a job that allows you to work with your injury, they’re ultimately not obligated to keep you on the job.
  3. What state laws should I follow for workers comp if I work for a Georgia business, but am from another? Ultimately, whether you follow your home state’s workers comp laws or Georgia’s depends on where the workplace accident occurred. If the accident occurred in Georgia, you would follow Georgia’s workers comp laws.

A workers comp lawyer can help you navigate the workers compensation process quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines or being out of the loop. For legal assistance regarding workers compensation, social security disability, and personal injury, contact a lawyer today.

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