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At What Point Exactly Do you need an Auto Accident Lawyer

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It is estimated that in 2013, about 3,154 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents involving reckless drivers, and about 424,000 people were injured. Now, presumably, you may have been in an accident before, possibly a serious one, or you’ve heard cases of people with personal injury lawsuits. So, if you’ve been a victim of a negligent driver, at least you know how messy it can get trying to seek justice or better yet strike a better settlement deal for your injuries. But if you are new to the world of accident cases, attorneys, insurance claims, and settlements. You probably need to stick close.

Auto accident cases often come with a lot of questions. Who’s responsible? What next? Do you cater for the damages or is it the other party? What about your medical bills? Do you really need to be compensated for the anguish and suffering and where does insurance company stand in all this? A knowledgeable and experienced auto accident lawyer will come in handy in representing you and your case, and negotiating a fair and just settlement deal.

In the aftermath of an accident, it is normal for most accident victims to feel hopeless especially if the degree of injuries sustained is severe. But not most of these victims know when and how to handle the claim disputes process. They are often confused about their legal rights, road rules, and safety, and ending up disregarding a case they could have won. For you to be qualified for a personal injury lawsuit, here are few scenarios to consider before hiring an accident attorney.

1.Auto Accident Injuries

Critical Injuries
Accidents are different, and the level of injuries endured will range between cases. The personal insurance protection may not cover the cost incurred to meet medical and treatment expense. Often, it’s the nature of the accident that initiates settlement talks and the severity of your injuries is what determines the amount of benefits you’ll get. Medical cost, nature of an injury, loss of earning capacity, recovery time and future medical expense are what establish the legal settlement for your case. In such situations, an auto accident lawyer will have to litigate and negotiate on your behalf.

Long-term or Permanent Disabling Injuries
In the event of an accident, there are several outcomes you can expect from it. Considering the extent of your damages, proving a permanently disabling injury will be a hard shell to crack. But generally, accidents especially auto accidents results in injuries that affect and interfere with your way and quality of life. Here, you’ll definitely need car accident attorney to represent you through the entire legal proceedings which are often long and needy.

2.Disputed Liability
Don’t be surprised if your insurance company claim you don’t have any substantial evidence or proof of fault because they can. When the lawsuit reaches to that level, it’s time you seriously need a lawyer. You’ll need the qualified services of an auto accident lawyer who understand the proper laws and procedural rules applicable in your situation. Exercise the doctrine of utmost good faith with your attorney to stand a better chance of winning the case.

Therefore, it is important to consult law experts before making any rational decision. Initially, these cases can appear fruitless but with all evidence backing your claim and a competent lawyer by your side, the magistrate or the jury will have no option but rule in your favor. According to statistics, your eyes are off the road for five seconds while you are texting. With speed of 55mph, the distance you’ll have covered equals the length of a football pitch blindfolded. So, drivers should be cautious on roads.

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