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What Does Fair and Impartial Treatment Entail?

A good judge needs to be fair and impartial in order to ensure that justice is served properly, but what exactly does fair and impartial treatment entail? Let’s take a look at what the term “fair and impartial” means.

There are many factors that can affect the way we view people and situations. We all have our own worldviews and morals, but these don’t belong in the courtroom. A judge needs to take an oath to prioritize upholding the U.

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S. Constitution over any of their own personal ideals.

This means not allowing one’s personal feelings to influence one’s decision. It’s rare for everyone to leave the courtroom happy with the outcome, but being a judge means accepting that and not being too harsh or too lenient. A judge holds the trust of all the people in the courtroom, and to violate that trust by showing any kind of favoritism is to fail at one’s job.

Fair and impartial treatment is especially important in the U.S. because unlike in many other countries, judges here are appointed for life. Regardless of the politicians in power, a judge isn’t affiliated with any party; they need to make their decisions independently based on what’s written in the Constitution.


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