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Do You Have a Legal Defense for Self Defense?

In today’s turbulent times, when the rule of law is under siege, and physical confrontations become more common, it’s important to understand when the law allows for self defense. When is self-defense legally justifiable? A comprehensive answer to this question could be fairly long; however, the attached video is an excellent primer to help you understand when a legal defense for self defense might be available.

When anyone is involved in a physical altercation, they may use self defense as a legal defense. Self defense is the right to protect oneself or another using reasonable force.

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When facing an imminent physical attack, you may use the necessary amount of force to repel the attacker. This includes instances in which you are in imminent danger of physical harm or death.

However, certain factors must be considered for self defense to be a valid legal defense. An individual must have evidence that they were faced with an imminent physical threat, used only the degree of force necessary to protect themselves, and had no other option due to the immediacy of the threat. If these criteria are met, self-defense will likely be a valid legal defense for the incident in question.


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