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5 Ways a Divorce Lawyer Will Help You Through Your Separation

If you are going through a divorce, the process is already emotionally exhausting, without having to worry about legal proceedings and documentation. This is why a divorce lawyer is such an essential part of this time. Not only will they handle the legal side of a separation, but they are also there to answer any questions you have, and handle your case with professionalism and sensitivity. The main question potential clients have for their attorney is; In what ways can you actually help me? To answer that inquiry, here are five ways a divorce lawyer will help you handle your divorce.

1. Provide Professional Advice

Advice from a divorce attorney is well-informed and attentive to your situation. This allows them to form objective opinions about your case and often act as a go-between for both parties to lessen the emotional toll on the client.

2. Examine Grounds for Divorce

In certain cases, a no-fault grounds for divorce may be an option. Any marriage that ends due to adultery, abuse, or incarceration are all grounds for divorce, where the client may be eligible for benefits upon termination of the marriage.

3. Explaining Proper Division

One of the most common things people think about during a divorce is who gets what. A divorce lawyer can explain what property each person is entitled to based upon prenuptial agreements and other factors.

4. Determining Benefits

In many divorce cases, one spouse may be entitled to, or required to pay, spousal support. When there is a significant income difference or an instance of sacrificed income for a spouse, benefits may be issued.

5. Representation in Court

Hiring a divorce attorney provides you competent representation in court from somebody who has studied your case. This improves your chances of coming away with a negotiated settlement that you are satisfied with.

According to the American Psychological Association, roughly 45% of marriages end in divorce, and there are so many reasons that lead to this decision. Throwing other factors into the mix, such as needing a child custody lawyer or dealing with an uncooperative spouse, can be extremely stressful. The Law Office of Arthur J. White III, P.C. will handle each case with the delicacy and importance it deserves. If you want to take your first step towards initiating your divorce and starting down the path to a more peaceful life, give us a call today!

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