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Wondering If You Need a Lawyer for Help? Here Are 9 Instances You’ll Want a Lawyer

You may need to hire or consult with a lawyer in various instances. For instance, if you’re beginning a business, you’ll need to ensure you form the correct type of business entity and adhere to all the necessary guidelines. Hiring a lawyer can help you make the required preparations so that your business adheres to these legal guidelines. Additionally, if you intend to purchase or sell real estate, a lawyer can help you review the contract to ensure the protection of your interests. You also require a defense lawyer’s services if you face criminal charges. Alternatively, having a family lawyer for assistance with your child custody dispute or dispute is essential. Here are several instances where you may need a lawyer:

1. Divorce

Divorce is one of the most challenging experiences an individual can go through in their life. It’s often a lengthy process that causes confusion and emotional distress to individuals. One essential thing you can do during this time is to hire a good lawyer to guide you through the process.

If you have children, you should get a divorce lawyer to help protect their interests. They can assist you in working out child visitation and custody arrangements, ensuring your children are well-taken care of financially. If you and your spouse have a lot of assets under your name, you’ll need to ensure you hire a lawyer to protect your financial interests. They’ll help you devise a plan to divide your assets and ensure you get a fair share.

Additionally, if you and your spouse have significant debt, you’ll need to consult with a lawyer for assistance in figuring out how to deal with it. They’ll help you determine who’s responsible for settling the debt and ensure you don’t end up with more debt than you can afford. Moreover, a divorce lawyer can help you tackle a complex divorce case. They’ll guide and assist you with legal issues such as alimony, property division, and child custody, ensuring you get the possible outcome from your case.

2. A DUI

One of the most severe traffic offenses you can perpetrate is driving your vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Depending on your state, this traffic offense may go by different names, such as operating under the influence or OUI, driving under the influence or DUI, and driving while intoxicated or DWI. A DUI is a severe offense that could lead to you serving jail time, paying hefty fines, and losing your driver’s license.

In several states, a first-offense DUI is often counted as a misdemeanor but can progress into a felony due to specific circumstances. If you’re facing DUI charges, the best course of action you should take is to contact a DUI lawyer as soon as you can. DUI lawyers review case facts and help their clients to understand the charges they’re facing. Hiring a lawyer for your case can also assist you in navigating complex legal processes and ensure the protection of your rights throughout.

The penalties for a DUI offense depend on several factors, including if you have a history of DUI convictions, results of your blood alcohol content or BAC, and the state you’re charged in. Generally, a person facing a first-offense DUI usually gets less severe penalties than someone facing a second or third DUI offense. However, it’s vital to note that even a first-offense DUI could result in hefty fines, a driver’s license loss, and jail time.

3. Rental Disputes

For landlords, rental disputes are one of the most common problems they face with their tenants. Alternatively, if you’re a tenant, dealing with rental disputes is among the most confusing and frustrating you may find yourself dealing with. If you face a rental conflict, you must ensure you have access to reliable landlord tenant lawyers.

Rental disputes can be a confusing and frustrating experience for both tenants and landlords. Various laws and regulations apply to rental properties, and keeping track of every rule and regulation may be challenging. Even if you think you have some or all the regulations, it’s easy to misjudge or mistake a crisis. That’s why utilizing the services of landlord tenant lawyers is vital in these situations.

A lawyer can assist you in understanding your responsibilities and rights and help you navigate the legal procedure in a rental dispute situation. If you’re a landlord, a lawyer can assist you in evicting a non-complying tenant. Moreover, if you’re a tenant, a lawyer can help you get a refund of your deposit or negotiate when signing a new lease. No matter what side of a rental dispute you find yourself in, getting a lawyer for this issue can help you protect your rights as a tenant or landlord and get a favorable outcome for your case.

4. A Car Accident

Car accidents are another instance where you may require the services of accident lawyers. It’s because car accidents tend to be complex cases, often involving multiple parties who may or may not be responsible for damages incurred. A lawyer for this situation is essential as they can help you investigate the accident, gather crucial evidence, and build a solid case to ensure you get well-deserved compensation, such as fees for bumper repair companies and towing services.

Most car accidents occur due to a driver’s error. It could range from anything like not paying attention on the road, overspeeding, and being distracted while driving. However, accidents can sometimes occur due to mechanical issues or other factors beyond human control. If you’re involved in a car accident, and it’s not your fault, you can hold the car manufacturer, the other driver’s insurance company, and even the driver himself responsible.

No matter whose fault it is, accidents often result in severe injuries for parties involved. It’s vital to have a lawyer on your side to help ensure you get medical services and suitable compensation for your case. If you find yourself involved in a car accident, contact a lawyer immediately, as they can help you with your issue and ensure you get the justice you deserve.

5. Social Security Issues

There are various social security issues you might need to contact a lawyer for. For instance, if you’re an individual living with a disability and are unable to work, you may be eligible the benefits of social security disability. However, applying for these benefits entails a complex process, so it’s vital to have an SSI attorney and accountants to guide you through the procedure and represent you and your interests.

Similarly, you may have questions regarding your entitlements and rights if you’re a retiree and collect social security benefits. An SSI attorney can offer guidance on these issues and assist you in understanding the options at your disposal. Finally, if you’re the kin of a deceased worker, you may be qualified to receive social security benefits. This process is complex, too, and an attorney can assist you in navigating the procedure and ensure you receive your entitled benefits.

Other instances where you may need lawyer services are if you experience issues such as denial or cutting from your social security benefits or if you’re facing discrimination based on your social security status. Additionally, they can assist you if you need help navigating the appeals process for a denied social security claim. They can help you gather necessary documentation and evidence to support your claim, represent you in meetings or hearings with social security officials, and file essential appeals concerning your case.

6. Buying a Home

Most people don’t require a lawyer for home purchases and transactions, but there are instances when it’s crucial to hire the services of a reliable lawyer. Lawyers are beneficial in various situations concerning matters involving houses for sale. One example is when a seller offers to settle some of your closing fees. It’s a typical case in a slow market when the seller’s keen on closing the deal with a homebuyer, but it can also be a setup for underlying issues with the property. An attorney can help you comb through the document and understand what you’re getting into when you purchase the home.

Another instance where a lawyer’s service is valuable is when you’re purchasing a foreclosure. It’s a requirement for banks to have a lawyer representing them when handling the sale, but they’re not mandated to tell you that and may be open to answering your questions. Having a lawyer on your side can help you understand the terms stated in the sale and ensure you get a fair deal out of the transaction. Sometimes when purchasing a home, the seller might be your friend or relative, and you may think it’s natural to trust them. Having a lawyer peruse the contract is still vital to determine if it contains an underlying inconsistency or issue. They can ensure that the agreement’s fair and doesn’t harm you as the buyer.

When purchasing a short sale, a bank agrees to sell the property for less than what the seller owes on their mortgage. Short sales can be a complex procedure, and a lawyer can help you to get a fair deal during such a transaction. Hiring a lawyer for this is also advisable if you’re not using a real estate agent during a home purchase process. They can help you understand the terms stated in a contract and ensure you get a fair deal during the transaction.

7. Charged With a Crime

If you face criminal charges, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you is vital. They can help you understand the accusations rallied against you, your case’s possible outcome and penalties if you’re found guilty, and the most suitable defense strategies to use in your lawsuit. Contacting a lawyer immediately after getting arrested and charged with a crime is vital as they’ll have a better chance of winning your case and post bail as soon as possible. They’ll also help you understand what evidence the prosecutor has against you. Your lawyer can help negotiate a plea deal on your behalf should you choose that option. If your case is taken to trial, they can present your defense and challenge the evidence brought against you by the prosecution.

8. Wills and Trusts

Wills and trusts are one of the most crucial legal documents a person can possess. They help protect your family and assets in the event of your death. However, these documents are often complicated, and it’s vital to hire a lawyer to assist you in creating them.

A will is a legal document outlining your instructions for your state after your death. You can use a will to stipulate the distribution of your assets and appoint a suitable guardian for your minor offspring. A trust is a legal entity that manages and holds your assets for your inheritors’ benefit. You can use trusts to protect your assets from real estate taxes and creditors. Creating wills and trusts are complicated legal processes, and it’s crucial to have a lawyer assist you in following the correct procedure. They can help you understand laws applying to your circumstances and create a document that addresses your needs and interests.

9. Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is one of the most challenging processes an individual can face in their life. When filing for bankruptcy, there are various things to consider, such as how you intend to rebuild your credit, the assets you’ll keep, and what type of bankruptcy you want to file.

A bankruptcy attorney can assist you in navigating the bankruptcy procedure and making ideal decisions for your case. When you file for bankruptcy, you’ll need to divulge all your debts and assets to a court of law. Your attorney will help you understand what debts you’ll disclose and what assets you can retain when you file for bankruptcy. Your attorney will also help rebuild your credit after bankruptcy and help you understand the ideal options at your disposal.

There are various instances where you’ll need to consult a lawyer to protect and represent your rights in a court of law. One of these instances is if you’re facing criminal charges or getting a divorce and want an attorney to help in the division of custody of your children and assets. Additionally, if you’re involved in a car accident, hiring a lawyer for this situation can help you get adequate compensation from the other driver. Getting a lawyer for the transaction process is essential during a home purchase as they’ll review your contract and ensure you get a fair deal.



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