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I’ve Been Bitten By A Dog And Am Worried For My Health Can I File A Lawsuit Over This?

The field of personal injury is a vast one. So vast you could be forgiven for not knowing where to begin. From a dog bite that sends you to the hospital to a slip and fall incident in the workplace,

What are Civil Litigation Lawyers and Do You Need One?

What do civil litigation lawyers do? These important law practitioners help people navigate the process of filing a lawsuit that is civil, or non-criminal, in nature. Their work starts by advising clients about whether they have a case at all,

Looking At Car Accidents In The United States

The need to hire a car accident lawyer is all too common – no matter where you may go in the United States. With as many as six million car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents a year –

Are You Looking for Help with a Difficult Divorce?

You struggled with the decision to make the posting for several days. You knew for a fact that it would make you feel vulnerable. You also knew that it would cause a good deal of embarrassment. After looking back and

How Many Lawyers Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb?

Lawyers have long been the target of the worst kinds of jokes, but sooner or later everyone needs to hire one. Finding the best attorney for your situation is no laughing matter. Whether you need an injury attorney, bankruptcy attorney,