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I’ve Been Bitten By A Dog And Am Worried For My Health Can I File A Lawsuit Over This?

The field of personal injury is a vast one. So vast you could be forgiven for not knowing where to begin.

From a dog bite that sends you to the hospital to a slip and fall incident in the workplace, personal injury lawsuits are a necessary buffer in today’s hectic world. They provide you the means for potential compensation, such as worker’s comp, as well as incur the long arm of justice. Most importantly, talking with a personal injury attorney will help you down a path that can seem impossible to navigate. They’ll help you file paperwork and talk to witnesses. They will, in a short, give you the support you sorely need.

Here are a few useful facts and statistics to get you started.

Dog Bites Are A Serious Issue

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, your first thought might be to go to the hospital first. This is wise. A single dog bite can put you at risk for infection and even serious diseases, including rabies and pasteurella. The consequences for a dog bite can be vast, depending on the case, and this is best done by hiring a dog bite lawyer. The owner can potentially face a steep fine or, in more extreme cases, the removal of their dog and jail time. Dogs are huge responsibilities and need to be treated as such.

Slip And Fall Incidents Should Be Seen By An Attorney

One of today’s most common personal injury cases is the slip and fall incident. Just one slip while on-the-clock can give a person a broken bone or a concussion. A recent study found the average slip and fall incident requires a month away from work. That’s a lot of lost money and time that could be better spent elsewhere. When you reach out to a personal injury attorney you can ask them questions related to your state’s version of workers’ compensation, all the better to help you pay off medical bills and keep you from dipping into your savings.

Drunk Driving Accidents Require Legal Help

Have you been the victim of a car crash and suspect drunk driving to be involved? This is a serious issue and should be brought to the attention of your local DUI attorney. Drunk driving is a major hazard on American roads and it’s estimated, at any given point, over 4,000 drivers are driving drunk. This includes trying to operate a vehicle under over-the-counter medication or illegal drugs. An attorney will help you interrogate witnesses and talk to your insurance holder to help you get the most compensation possible.

Distracted Driving Has Its Own Consequences

It’s not just drunk driving you can talk to an attorney about, either. Distracted driving is a more subtle problem with no less dire consequences. Too many drivers today attempt to operate a vehicle while talking on the phone, texting or manipulating the radio dial. An Odessa attorney can walk you through the process of a potential conviction. This can include looking at both drivers’ history, nearby witnesses, and any camera footage that could be available of the incident.

Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

An accident lawyer is there to help you out when your options seem too vast. It’s a rough spot you’re going through and the last thing you need is confusion on the matter. Your first order of business is to write down a series of questions to help them understand your situation better. This includes medical bills, car insurance, state laws, national laws, and concerns you have about job or school. Slowly, but surely, your personal injury attorney will help you put together a game plan to get out of this situation with a bigger perspective.

There’s no shame in asking for help. Reach out to your nearby personal injury lawyers this week and ask for a consultation.

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