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I Parked Legally And Still Got Ticketed. Twice.

Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers is marching towards the path of success. The program being launched by SWFL has been highly regarded in the conference of Southeastern Association of Crime Stoppers.  The biggest award it earned was the label of “most productive”

Alternate Side Parking Law Ruled Constitutional

SWFL Crime Stoppers is seeking help of public to identify a person who stole a wallet from counter of a Lehigh Acres store. He has been caught in the camera and he might be living near your area. Actually, the

Driver Arrested After Parking On Dan Valley Freeway

The volume of tips received in the beginning of 2014 clearly shows that the upcoming year is going to mark remarkable success for SWFL Crime Stoppers. Exactly, in the start of New Year, SWFL Crime Stoppers have received a bunch of