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Sex Crime Attorneys Have Their Work Cut Out For Them

Criminals are often pictured as burglars, convenience store robbers, and those driving a stolen car in a high-speed chase. But crime takes many forms, and even without a victim of destruction or robbery, some acts are strictly condemned by the law. A sex crime lawyer or a white collar crime lawyer has plenty of work to do when defending a client guilty of these acts.

How Sex Crimes are Prosecuted

Sexual crime often carries social pressure to make an arrest and prosecute the crime. If a rape is reported, the odds of an arrest are close to 50.8%. Then, in the case of an arrest, prosecution has an 80% probability. However, it is believed that 2% to 10% of allegations of sexual assault are in fact false, complicating the job of a sex crime attorney and detective. A sex crime attorney, however, has options available.

A sex crime’s case will typically start with a detective looking into a case, whether or not an suspect has been arrested already. Either way, the detective investigates the crime scene carefully and keeps out unauthorized parties, according to New Mexico Criminal Law Offices. This scene may be a single room in a home or even the entire premises. Any and all evidence collected goes through a chain of custody to ensure that the materials are handled correctly. Then, when the case comes together, the detective can go to court and testify, where they present their evidence and share their own views on the crime. A sex crime lawyer will defend his or her client against this case, and the accused stands a better chance of a fair outcome with a sex crime lawyer by their side than not. In other cases, prostitutes and their pimps may be arrested for sex-related crimes. Anywhere between 70,000 and 80,000 prostitutes, Johns, and pimps are arrested each year in the United States. A sex crime attorney can work defendants such as these, as well.

The Truth About White Collar Crime

A white collar crime attorney defends his or her client from accusations of white collar crime, a general term for nonviolent, federal crimes related to business and money, such as embezzlement or corporate fraud. According to Accounting Tools, there are several types of this crime. Ghost employees, for example, are nonexistent employees who only exist on paper, and their pay is directed to the offender’s own bank account. Another is tax avoidance, when the offender lies about his or her company’s taxable corporate income in order to pay less. Usually, members of senior management commit this particular crime. When accused of such acts, any white collar worker will enlist the aid of a white collar criminal defense lawyer to speak on their behalf in court, or else attempt a defense alone.

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