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Taking A Closer Look At Car Crashes And Other Personal Injury Cases In The United States

From the car crash to the medical malpractice case, there are many different forms of personal injury cases found all throughout the United States. Personal injury matters are certainly varied – as any specialty personal injury lawyer will be able to attest to – but personal injury cases share some commonalities. For one thing, they are quite likely to be worth it at the end of the day. After all, up to 95%, more, of all personal injury cases in the United States are actually able to be settled far before a trial is ever needed. In fact, a solid less than 5% of all personal injury cases will ever end up being seen in a courtroom. Therefore, those who think that they might have a personal injury case should contact a lawyer specializing in the matter as soon as possible, as they might be able to obtain a decent amount of settlement money, more than they might have imagined to be possible.

The car crash is a common cause behind many a personal injury case. After all, the car crash is something that happens quite frequently indeed. Up to five and a half million car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents will actually take place over the course of just one single year, making them FAR from obscure or uncommon. As up to three million people will become injured in some type of car crash in this same span of time, with up to 40,000 people actually losing their lives, it’s no wonder that more than half of all personal injury cases are made up of car accident cases – followed only distantly by medical malpractice cases making up only just 15% of all personal injury matters seen on a country wide scale.

Unfortunately, there are many preventable causes of such a car crash, and many people are needlessly hurt and even killed as a result. For instance, drunk driving is a real problem not just in some parts of the country but truly all throughout it. Driving while under the influence is behind everything from the typical car crash to truck accidents and is therefore a big reason why the car crash is such a prominent force behind so many personal injury cases throughout the country. After all, nearly half of a million people (around 300,000 people, to be more exact) are getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol not over the course of a month or a week, but in the span of just one single day.

And the toll of drunk driving or just driving while under the influence in general can most certainly be a high one. As a matter of fact, a new person will become injured in some type of drunk driving car crash or other such incident for every two minute period of time that passes by. In addition to this, up to 28 people (on average) on a daily basis will actually end up losing their lives to drunk driving as well. This just shows how serious we should be taking such matters – and how such a car crash can all too easily become a personal injury case. Ultimately such matters should always be taken very seriously.

But driving while under the influence is far from the only reason that a car crash can take place – in fact, it is not even the only common reason for such incidents. Driving while distracted is rapidly becoming just as dangerous, if not even more so, depending on the circumstances. Distracted driving is only becoming more and more prevalent as technology continues to grow. After all, there are more things to become distracted with than ever before, so it only stands to reason that these distractions would carry over to when we’re behind the wheel and on the road. Unfortunately such distractions at such points in time can all too easily lead to the need for a personal injury case being constructed – and the injury or death of an innocent victim.

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