The Many Risks to Avoid When Filing for Divorce

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The month of February may have the holiday dedicated to love, but divorce attorney’s know it as the month of the most divorce filings. Just as each relationship has its own nuances of affection, each divorce has certain items for special consideration. The division of money, property, and investments can be tedious and fraught with disagreements. The situation is more anxiety-inducing when there are children involved, as any custody lawyer will tell you.

The Quick Numbers On Divorce.

There are some facts about divorce in today’s society that may surprise you. About 41% of first time marriages will end in a divorce. The number rises to 60% for those marrying a second time, and 73% for third marriages. These numbers imply it becomes easier to break things off each time. The average divorce in the U.S. takes about one year to execute from start to finish. The mean age for married women who are likely to file for divorce is at around age 29. Men take a little longer at a mean age of approximately 30.5.

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce with children means that the couple is in complete agreement about the dissolution of the marriage. They agree about the division of their shared property, money, and investments. Most importantly, the parents agree how to divide the raising of the children, whether with shared or sole custody. It is not always possible for couples to meet on equal ground and decide these things calmly. It is the goal.

Some couples use their children as a bargaining device or as a means of causing hurt to the other party. Obviously, this is not the way to proceed and would mean a contested divorce. A custody lawyer may be able to assist with resolving the issue.

In What Ways Can a Custody Lawyer Help?

A custody lawyer is a divorce attorney with special experience working cases where children are involved. They can help make the agreements less personal. The custody lawyer can also help even when their client is not trying to retain sole custody of the children. Figuring out alimony and child support in a way that is fair and agreeable to both sides is no easy task, and having a professional can help resolve the matter quickly.

Almost no one enjoys a divorce. Splitting up a joined life, especially when children are involved, can cause quite a lot of stress and frustrations. Seeking professional help to assist the proceedings can save a person time, money, and some anxiety.

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