Three Personal Injury Cases Too Weird to Be Fiction

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Personal injury attorneys are usually willing to take on all sorts of cases, even if the personal injury claim does seem to be a bit far fetched. Though the most common personal injury claims usually involve work place incidents or traffic accidents, many personal injury lawyers have seen their fair share of bizarre cases.

Here are just a few of the most noteworthy cases.

The Case of the Bed Bug Swarm.

It’s one thing if you stay at a hotel and find that you’ve been bitten by bed bugs in the mornings. It’s another thing entirely, though, when you wake up in the middle of the night to find a swarm of the blood sucking parasites covering your body, which is precisely what happened to one person according to a personal injury claim from the United Kingdom. The claimant counted over 100 bed bug bites, which naturally caused immense itching and pain. They also suffered serious psychological repercussions from waking to such a nightmarish situation. The personal injury claim was settled without a trial hearing.

The Case of the Mistake Poison.

Back in 1878, an innkeeper accidentally drank poison, thinking it was a sleeping medicine. His personal injury claim won him 1,000 English pounds, which would be the equivalent of about 50,000 pounds nowadays.

The Case of the Starving Thief.

Terrence Dickson, a thief from Bristol, Pennsylvania, was hard at work burglarizing a house when he became trapped. The garage door he had hoped to use as an exit wasn’t working properly. Naturally, he tried to escape through another exit, which was also faulty as well. Dickson was then trapped in the garage for eight days, subsisting on Pepsi and dry dog food. He then filed a personal injury claim against the homeowners for his mental anguish. Surprisingly, the judge awarded him $500,000.

Personal injury attorneys work on tons of cases, but it’s these odd ones that really stick out in their memories. If you know of any other zany personal injury stories, feel free to share in the comments. Read more here.

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