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Three Things Not to Expect From Your Personal Injury Case

There are a lot of things that injury lawyers can do for a person that has suffered a personal injury. However, a lot of people go into a personal injury case with some common misconceptions. Understanding what to expect from your personal injury claim case is important.

Most people think of personal compensation as the sole outcome of a personal injury case. While it is true that being compensated for the injury is essential, it is not the only thing a personal injury case addresses.
There are a lot of working parts to personal injury litigation. Compensation is an important part, but so is ensuring that you have access to medical care for as long as you need it. An injury lawyer puts your best interests first for now and in the future.

Most personal injury victims are not aware of what goes on behind the scenes of a personal injury case, and what it takes to ensure their rights are protected. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around.
You can learn more about what will happen during your personal injury case and what personal injury protection coverage meaning is. Get the facts so you will be prepared.

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Even if you’ve never been a part of a personal injury case before, you probably have some expectations of what’s going to happen. Yes, personal injury cases result from someone suffering a bodily injury as the result of someone else’s negligence. Personal injury cases do generally resolve with the award of a settlement, and the processes are generally the same. It is, however, important to understand that each case is different. Here are three things you shouldn’t expect from your personal injury case.

1. To Have to Go to Court.
Since in personal injury cases the person liable for the accident is legally responsible for the person’s injury, many people think that they will have to go to court to resolve their case. This is not necessarily true. Between 95% and 96% of personal injury cases are actually resolved out of court, so chances are yours will too.

2. Winning a Big Injury Claim.
Some people think that suffering a personal injury means winning a big injury claim and never having to work again. This is not the case. The amount of settlement awards can vary per type of case (for example, medical malpractice has the highest average damage awards at $600,000). Moreover, settlements are determined by the evaluation of specific losses, like medical bills and lost wages which can vary by the individual and the accident.

3. That You Don’t Need a Lawyer.
Another common mistaken expectation that people have about personal injury cases is that they are not going to need a lawyer. This may be true in some cases, but it’s always a good measure to have a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer to help you through the process, negotiate with insurance companies, and represent you if your case actually does go to court.

Do you have any things to add to this list of what not to expect during a personal injury case? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. More on this.


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