Tips for Finding the Best Child Custody Lawyers

If you are going through a divorce process that involves a custody dispute, you need to know you have a good child custody attorney on your side. Here are some tips on how you can choose the best child custody lawyer for you.

Look for Recommendations

When looking into retaining a lawyer for any purpose, it’s good to check with friends and family to see if they know any who are experienced and trustworthy. Additionally, you can also ask court clerks for recommendations, or even referrals from your state bar association. This is a good jumping off point when looking for child custody lawyers in your area.

If someone gives you a recommendation, or you find someone on your own, remember it is still important to do additional research on your potential attorney. A good place to start is checking your state’s attorney directory, which is readily available online. This will contain valuable information that will tell you if your potential attorney has ever had their licence suspended. Additionally, you may be able to find client reviews online as well, this can help you assess if the attorney has a good track record with winning cases, or if they have specific experience in handling cases like yours.

Make Sure To Ask Questions

When speaking with potential child custody lawyers it is important to ask the right questions. Here are a few important topics to keep in mind.

  • Ask about a lawyers background. How long have they been practicing, and how many cases similar to yours they have handled, are vital pieces of information to know. Additionally, you can ask how many cases they typically handle a year, if they have a surprisingly low number, it may be due to low recommendations.
  • Ask about their operating style, and how they go about handling cases like yours. Do they give you options to choose from, or are they more apt to tell you exactly what to do? Additionally, ask how they typically approach custody cases, and what strategies they’ve used in the past to get results.
  • Ask them what their initial assessment of your case is. Do they think a trial will be necessary, or could it be handled out of court? What do they think the outcome will be just going from their personal experience in the field? Additionally, ask how long they think it will take for the case to be resolved.
  • See if they will be personally managing your cases, or if others will be involved in the process. Also, ask how often you can expect updates, and if they will be personally handling any court appearances or negotiations.
  • Lastly, ask how about their billing process, if a retainer fee is required, and how much you can expect to pay over all. Many lawyers will offer payment plans, and will be willing to work with you when it comes to finances. This can also be an important factor when it comes to making a final decision between child custody lawyers. You don’t necessarily want to choose the ‘cheapest’ option, but if one is offering a moderate figure, and another wildly higher sum, without any real difference in credentials, you may want to choose the latter.

Additional Tips

In addition to the above options you may also consider seeking law students in your area. These up and coming lawyers often offer services for free, while still being supervised by an experienced attorney. So there is no need to worry that you aren’t getting quality case management. This also benefits the students, giving them experience to benefit others like you in the future.

The Take Away

When it comes to sorting through child custody lawyers, the process doesn’t have to be complex and difficult. Keep the above questions in mind while making a selection, and you can find one that will work to resolve your case quickly, and with as much benefit to you as is possible.

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