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What a Bail Bondsman Does

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A bail bondsman can help individuals charged with a crime get out of jail. But what is bail? What’s a bond? And where fo bail bondsman come into play? This video explains all of this.

When someone is put in jail and charged with a crime, they are taken to an arraignment hearing with a local judge. The judge sets the bail based on the severity of the crime and the defendant’s standing in the community. The bail is a security deposit the defendant pays to get out of jail now. The defendant is refunded the bail if they show up to the subsequent court dates.

If the defendant or a loved one cannot pay the bail amount, they can call on a bail bondsman to help. A bondsman will charge the defendant around 10% of the bail and then post the rest. The defendant won’t get this 10% price back, but it’s cheaper than paying it all themselves.

If the defendant fails to show up to court, the bail bondsman has the legal right to arrest that individual. For more information on bail, bail bonds, and their impact on the justice system, check out the link in the video above.

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