What May Happen During Divorce Mediation

Marriage is one of the oldest and most universal institutions in the entire world, traditionally based on creating a reproducing household of a man and woman together. This is still true today, and some parts of the world are known for recognizing same-sex marriages as well. Often, same-sex households are known for adopting children to create a complete household. Either way, many statistics are being kept about rates of marriage today, and that also means tracking divorce, the legal end of a marriage. Divorce assistance such as divorce attorneys or divorce mediation experts may be called upon, and these experts may make a divorce proceeding smooth, fair, and productive for everyone involved. No one enjoys divorce, to be sure, but mediators can be quite helpful in making a simple divorce smoother. More complex cases may call for lawyers, however. Someone considering a divorce may look online to double check how mediators work, such as “mediationwhat to expect during divorce mediation.” A search like that can be refined to the client’s local area, too, such as “mediationwhat to expect during divorce mediation Flagstaff AZ” or “mediationwhat to expect during divorce mediation Seattle WA.”

Why Divorce Happens

Two spouses may get divorced for any number of reasons, some of them more emotionally traumatic than others. In some cases, a divorce is a simple affair because the marriage had limited assets in it and the two spouses had a simple reason to divorce. In some cases, the spouses divorce because they have radically different lifestyles or spending habits, and they can’t make a cohesive marriage or household. Similarly, the two spouses may simply lose interest in each other, and divorces like these may only necessitate a mediator rather than divorce attorneys. These spouses may be the ones who look up “mediationwhat to expect during divorce mediation” online, for example.

In other households, meanwhile, the spouses have gone through serious trauma that may split them apart. Research shows that sheer infidelity is the most common reason for divorce, when one spouse is unfaithful to the other. Both men and women do this, though not always for the same reasons. In other cases, one spouse may file for divorce because the other spouse is violently or sexually abusive towards members of the household, or in some cases the other spouse is abusing drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse may lead to serious financial strain, not to mention possible violence or verbal abuse or the loss of one’s job. Divorce lawyers may be called upon for such cases, especially for households with many assets or children involved.

Handing Divorce

What sort of help might the divorcing spouses call upon? That will be based on the severity of the divorce. A more serious divorce requires attorneys, and the spouse filing for divorce will hire one through a local law firm and use them as legal representation. In fact, that spouse may relocate to another, private residence during the divorce, especially if abuse or substance misuse are involved in the household. That spouse may also take any under-18 children with them during this time. The other spouse may hire a lawyer to represent their own interests, and both spouses may interact through those lawyers. Meanwhile, child custody lawyers may be involved for children in the household. It may be noted that children aged 12 and over may speak privately with the judge about their preferences on where they live during and after the divorce.

What about mediation? Simpler divorces that don’t involve children or many assets may only require mediators, and the spouses may appreciate how a mediator service will be less expensive and time-consuming than handling these affairs in a divorce court. What is more, mediation is private and doesn’t even appear on public records, which the spouses may find appealing. Lawyers can still be hired for advice and consultation, but overall, hiring a mediator means that the two spouses are fully in control of the divorce rather than a court. During this time, the spouses may work with the mediator to come up with productive and fair ideas and suggestions on how to handle the divorce, and the mediator will ensure that communication is always clear and helpful for all involved.

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