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Four Facts and Statistics About Personal Injury in Canada

Personal injuries can happen for a number of reasons — but regardless of how it happened, an injury caused by a person or company’s negligence can be devastating. You can, and should, seek compensation for your injury with a personal

President “Will Not Stand” For Neglect At VA Hospitals

The president can no longer ignore troubling delays and rumors of negligence at VA hospitals across the U.S. “President Obama expressed outrage about allegations of misconduct at veterans hospitals and said that people in the Department of Veterans Affairs —

You’ll Never Believe What the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents Are

Hopefully you’re sitting down, because what you’re going to read next might shock you. Believe it or not, someone in the United States dies in a car accident once every 15 minutes. This means that there will be a total

Do You Have a Work-related Disability? Consider Hiring an ERISA Lawyer

Are you concerned that your pension as offered by your current employer is not sufficient? Perhaps you are unable to work, but your company is not handling your disability coverage as it should. In those cases, you may want to

Digital Forensics Confirms JK Rowling Wrote Under a Pen Name

How did computer forensic analysts confirm suspicions that world-famous Harry Potter author was writing under a pen name? Robert Galbraith, an unknown British author, allegedly wrote The Cuckoo’s Calling. A tweet exchange, started by Judith Callegari, outed J.K. Rowling as

Five Helpful Tips for Finding the Right Bankruptcy Attorney

If you have recently decided that you want to file for bankruptcy, you’re not alone. Last year, about 730,000 Chapter 7 bankruptcies and 334,000 Chapter 13 bankruptcies were filed in the U.S. You’re likely wondering about how you’re going to

Three Troubling Statistics About the State of DUI Arrests in California

This year, it’s estimated that over 10,000 people will die in drunk driving-related auto accidents — an average of one every 50 minutes. On top of that, one person is injured every minute in a drunk driving crash. Financially, DUI