3 Ways to Make Estate Planning Services Easy

Get a will

Death is a scary topic for most people and perhaps this is the primary reason for ignoring or dismissing the need for estate planning services. While it is of course okay and in fact normal to be afraid of death, one should not allow this to dictate how and why their personal assets are distributed and divided after they’re gone. Here are 3 simple strategies to make estate planning services easier to handle and move forward with.

    1.) Hire a lawyer: While it is possible to get a will made yourself, enlisting the help of a wills lawyer can be very beneficial. Writing a will varies greatly depending on things like personal wealth, probate law, location, family members, and other formalities that a professional can help make much easier. Especially for someone apprehensive about the process in the first place it is best to make it easier by hiring a professional to help with your estate planning services.

    2.) Talk with Family: Keeping family informed and being open to communication can be as important as writing a will in the first place. The last thing anyone wants is for their death to provoke family animosity or potential fall-outs because of disputes or uncertainty over who gets what etc. For example, many people don’t know if you don’t have a will usually the first-to-die spouses family receives nothing while the second-to-die spouses family gets everything. By keeping close family members who will be inheriting money or possessions you will better avoid surprises they may not be expecting and then have the opportunity to perhaps explain and alleviate any concerns.

    3.) Establish Solid Base: Even if you don’t have the time to take care of all estate planning services a good first step is to start somewhere and at least have a will that will divide the majority of your monetary assets. Over half (51%) of U.S. citizens age 55-64 don’t have a will of any kind and that number rises to 64% when you consider the population as a whole. It is much easier to update and revise a will that is in place than starting from scratch and the older you get, the more assets you have to account for.

It is important to begin thinking about estate planning services long before you hope to need them. This helps set up your family for after you are gone and does not have to be as difficult as many people believe. Get a good jump on it and save yourself the stress.

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