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Are You in Need of Advice from a Divorce Lawyer?

If someone would have told you that you would be preparing for divorce proceedings a second time before you turned 50, you never would have believed them.

Your first divorce happened when you were so young. Married right out of college to someone who was determined to be a farmer, you thought that your city ways would eventually have the desired effect. By the time that your daughter was 10 years old, however, it was apparent that the father to your first born simply could not continue living in town. You were never going to be able to exist out on a farm, so the decision to end that marriage was actually pretty simple.

Nearly 20 years later, however, you were not prepared for conversations about what is uncontested divorce, and would this be the right route for you and your second husband. Never paying a bill yourself in your life, and only in the last five years going back to working full time, you never imagined that you would again be generating questions to ask an attorney.

Everyone knew that you and your second husband lead separate lives, but you were under the impression that this was how it should be. As a consultant, your husband has traveled all around the world, gone for weeks at a time. When he was home, however, you thought you were all enjoying family meals, as well attending the your two daughters athletic events. Your second husband had even become an important part of your oldest daughter’s life, even though he was not her biological father. As a couple, you always talked about your three daughters as if you were one big happy family.

Then one night the fact that your husband started sleeping in the spare bedroom when he was home did not seem to have anything to do with your CPAP machine and the noise that it made. You invited him into what used to be your shared bedroom and he declined, even though you told him that you could do without the machine for a few nights.

Your understanding of what is uncontested divorce now seems to be a problem as well. You are now talking to divorce lawyers about if you should file first and other important matters.

Divorce Attorneys Can Help Explain What Is Uncontested Divorce an Other Important Matters

A recent University of Florence study reported that infidelity outside the home was associated with “a higher risk of major cardiovascular event,” including fatal heart attacks. This statistic, as much as anything, is an indicator of how stressful a divorce can be. Whether you are the one wanting the divorce, or you are the one caught off guard by the request, it is important to get the legal advice that you need to help manage not only the details, but also the physical and mental stress.

The current divorce rate for first marriages in America is 41%, so it may come as no surprise that second and third marriages are even less successful. In fact, 60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. Even if you have been through the process before, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible so that you make sure you understand the options that are available to you.

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