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Common Causes Of Motor Vehicle Accidents In the United States

In the United States (and in many other places all around the world at that), there are many reasons that car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents occur – many of them preventable. In the United States alone, in fact, there are at nearly six million car accidents every single year (five and half million car accidents, to be more exact), many of which end up in cases handled by a personal injury lawyer. Of these six million car accidents, tragic outcomes are all too common and all too likely. On average over the course of a single calendar year in this country, more than thirty thousand deaths will result from car and motor vehicle accidents. Of these accidents that do not result in fatalities, more than three million injuries will be sustained.

Why certainly many truck accidents, car accidents, and other such motor vehicle accidents are difficult to fully prevent, it is important to note that many cases of accidents are hugely preventable, and, in fact, should be prevented. These cases, which can be caused by a number of factors ranging from driving under the influence to distracted driving, often end up as personal injury cases seem by a law firm and a personal injury lawyer. If you look at the data, it shows that more than half of the total cases that a personal injury lawyer will handle will be related and stemming from a motor vehicle accident of some nature in which a good deal of pain and suffering occurred – and often continues to occur.

Driving under the influence is a huge and unfortunate cause of preventable car accidents in the United States, as any personal injury lawyer would be able to tell you. Such personal injury lawyers see it all to often: someone whose life has forever been changed because of the actions of a drunk or otherwise intoxicated driver. And these accidents make up a big portion of all car accidents that are sustained in this country, with more than fifteen percent of car accidents directly related to a driver who was under the influence of a substance other than alcohol – and drunk driving related cases only add to this percentage, this total. With drunk driving as prevalent as it is in the United States, is it really any wonder that drunk driving rates and the accidents that they cause are what they are? For instance, many people do not know that as many as three hundred thousand intoxicated drivers get behind the wheel every single day – and less than five thousand of them are actually pulled over and caught. And that before being caught, the average person will drive drunk as many as eighty times before being pulled over and charged with a DUI (or similar charge, depending on the region that they live in). This means that all too frequently, drunk driving leads to car accidents and tragedy, as any personal injury lawyer is unfortunately able to attest to.

On top of drunk and intoxicated driving, distracted driving also presents a considerable concern for the number of accidents that it is directly linked to. Distracted driving is also all too common, and has become far more so with the advent and growth of technology – particularly that of the smartphone, the use of which is linked to many if not all of distracted driving cases seen in the United States. Being unaware and inattentive of the road for even just five seconds while going at fifty five miles per hour means that you will cover the entire span of a football field – during which anything could happen, including a car accident that leads to lives that are permanently and forever changed.

As any personal injury lawyer, car accidents are too common in this country – and many are completely and totally preventable. If you feel that you have been the victim of such an accident, contact a personal injury lawyer at your earliest convenience. A personal injury lawyer is likely to be able to determine the liability of the other party and get you a considerable settlement.

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