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Are You Looking for Legal Representation After a Workplace Accident?

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He is now happily married and the proud father of three young boys. They live across the country from his parents, but find time to visit often so that his parents are able to see their three grandsons. Looking back, however, few would have thought that this story would have a happy ending. The now proud father of three boys was in a serious work accident when he was new on a job. The accident resulted in the amputation of the lower part of his left leg and the resulting therapy took months to adjust to the prothesis. At his lowest point, the injured young man slipped into a pretty serious depression that required some fairly intensive and consistent therapy sessions.
With the most difficult part behind him, the father of three remains very thankful for the workers compensation law practice who was detailed enough to help anticipate the months, and even years, of needed recovery. It was a combination of both physical and mental therapy sessions that helped the young worker move forward, continue working, find a wife, and start a new family. Without the advice from the team from the workers compensation law practice, however, the results may not have been as successful.
Accident Claims Lawyers, Disability Lawyers, and Workers Compensation Law Practices Help Clients Understand Their Options
Work place accidents can be a struggle. While the company may provide legal advice to help their employee, the company attorney is really representing the company and looking out for the best interest of the employer. In most cases, an injured worker may do well to consult his or her own legal advice to make sure that the injured party understands all of the available options.
Did you know that three of every four states require companies to carry workers compensation coverage. In these states, a workers compensation law practice firm can help injured workers understand the options and resources that they may have. And while many injured employers may begin the recovery process being grateful that things are not worse, it often takes someone with a legal background to anticipate the future needs. Immediately following an injury, for instance, a injured person and the family can get focused on the immediate details. They may not, however, understand the months, and sometimes years, of both physical and mental therapies that may be needed.
A legal team that is experienced in worker’s compensation can provide details about anticipated timelines. For example, how long might it take for the injured worker to get back to working 40 hour work weeks? How do you schedule needed physical and occupational therapy appointments and continue to make it to work on time? Will you need adaptations made to your home to help you compensate for your injuries?
Few Americans Can Survive When a Paycheck Is Delayed Because of Injury
It may come as no surprise that the average American home has 13 payment cards. In fact, as a country we have become so dependent on not paying with cash that there is now a statistic that indicates that a typical credit card purchase is 112% higher than if using cash. These credit cars statistics combined with the fact that fewer than 25% of Americans have enough money in their savings account to cover at even six months of expenses in the event of an emergency.
One of the problems with a work place injury is that there is often a delay of at least two weeks before workers compensation payments kick in. For families who are living from paycheck to paycheck, this two week delay can add an extreme financial stress to the other complications of doctor’s appointments and other expenses. A workers compensation attorney, however, may actually have some suggestions about resources that might be available to help fill in the gaps.
Likewise, a workers compensation attorney may be able to help you anticipate lingering future appointments, therapies, and resources that can help make the transition from injured worker to recovered worker. And in the event that the injuries are so great that they cannot be overcome, an attorney may be able to find extra help, resources, and options. Injured workers need the assistance of knowledgeable advisers.

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