By The Numbers Winning A Big Personal Injury Claim

Updated: 1/26/2022

Sometimes accidents happen, which can be detrimental to the physical health of people. One of the most prominent examples involves slips and falls in the workplace. Moreover, these accidents can cause severe back injury; sometimes to the point, where someone has to take days off of work. In these instances, it is important to look for a work injury lawyer.

Now, someone may be asking in these instances, “What are the best solicitors for a personal injury claim?” What this will do, is it will help people to get a better understanding of an auto insurance bodily injury definition. Moreover, they may be asking, “Do I need an accident lawyer?” The answer is yes. To find an accident lawyer, people should research areas in their city that have accident compensation lawyers near them. Moreover, when seeing such a lawyer, one should look for one that has a strong focus on assessing not just slips and falls, but also auto accidents on all fronts.

This not only includes physical damage but also bodily injury claim pain and suffering too. This will help people to have a better understanding of a bodily injury meaning in insurance.

What to say right after an accident

If you ever find an article titled “Winning A Big Injury Claim In Three Easy Steps,” then you know it was written by a conĀ artist. The truth is, there’s nothing easy about a personal injury lawsuit, for either party involved.

Winning a big injury claim is usually the result of a painful accident, usually on the road or because of a defective product. In the United States, there have even been more than 50 million traffic lawsuits, which is even higher than the 20 million criminal cases that have passed through the court system.

If you’re looking for info on winning a big injury claim following an accident, then here are some fast facts:

  • Patients who suffer through medical malpractice, or the loved ones of people who die because of improper medical care, have the highest damage awards in the country. The median medical malpractice damages: $600,000 per victim.
  • Product liability lawsuits often result in large damage awards as well, up to $300,000 on average.
  • One of the most common causes of product liability cases: injuries from toys. In 1997, more than 140,000 children were injured by toys, a number which jumped to 255,000 injuries by 2001, and more than 220,000 by 2006.
  • Sadly, 26 babies die every year on average from their cribs.
  • Of the 5.5 million car accidents every year (and an estimated 10 million that go unreported), 40,000 traffic victims die and more than three million suffer injuries.
  • While drunk driving is on the decline, experts fear that drugged driving is on the rise. The most commonly abused drugs used by drugged drivers: marijuana, synthetic marijuana, and prescription pills.
  • Every seven minutes a pedestrian is injured on American roads.

Because of the sheer volume of personal injury claims filed each year, and because personal injury lawyers can be very expensive, up to 96% of cases are settled without even going to trial. That’s also why there are so many personal injury law firms in the United States.

Remember: Safety First!

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