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Charged with a DUI? Ask Your Criminal Law Attorney These 3 Questions Before Hiring Them

You had a lot of fun out with your friends. But at some point during the night, you lost track of how much you’d had to drink. Though you felt fine, the police officer on the side of the road still arrested you for driving under the influence. Facing a DUI charge alone is the last thing anyone should ever have to do. Working with an experienced criminal law expert will help you navigate through the legal system but finding a good DUI attorney can be tough. Here are a few questions to ask during your initial consultation with your criminal defense lawyer.

Do you specialize in criminal law?

Believe it or not, some attorneys are generalists meaning they practice multiple types of law. While this can be useful, it’s not the best option when you’re facing criminal charges. Instead, make sure your attorney specializes in criminal defense and DUI law. They’ll be better prepared to represent your interests and know how to argue on your behalf.

What are your fees like?

Different attorneys charge for their services in different ways. Some charge a flat fee while others assess an hourly rate as well as a retainer to secure their services. Make sure you understand how you’ll be charged. Then, ask if there are any additional charges you can expect while they’re working on your case. The better you understand their fees, the easier it will be to find an attorney you can afford. Remember, the base hourly rate may not be the only fee they’ll charge you. Basing your decision on that information alone could set you up for an incredibly expensive bill in the future.

Who will be working on my case?

In some instances, the attorney you speak with during the initial consultation may not be the one you work with after you agree to work with the criminal law firm. If they say someone else will be taking over, ask if you can meet that person. It’s important that you feel comfortable with the attorney working on your case, not just the person you’re consulting with.

Almost 300,000 people drive drunk every day. Out of those, approximately only 4,000 are arrested for driving under the influence. If you find yourself facing charges for DUI, schedule a consultation with an experienced criminal law and DUI defense attorney immediately. You should never have to face the legal system on your own.

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