Dan Park Law Group Adoption process,Property,Real estate attorney Divorce, Personal Injury And Car Accidents What Happens When You Need A Lawyer?

Divorce, Personal Injury And Car Accidents What Happens When You Need A Lawyer?

Admitting you need a lawyer isn’t easy. Just the statement alone conjures up worrisome thoughts of costs, legal loopholes and difficult topics.

Attempting to construct trusts and wills or approach a personal injury claim without one, however, is a much worse prospect. The legal system is complex enough without attempting to go in completely new. You run the risk of missing out on vital information or, worse, not getting the help you need in a critical time. Whether it’s an accident lawyer to help you make sense of a motorcycle crash or assistance with the adoption process, a lawyer is just a resource to get you through a trying process.

Keep things simple. The list below will detail some of the basic functions of lawyers today and how they help Americans across the country confront their issues.

Trusts And Wills

Not all meetings with lawyers have to be about serious accidents. They can be about preventative measures or preparation, such as trusts and wills. Today just 70% of American seniors have a living will. That’s millions of adults who could leave their family and friends in a bad spot should the worst come to past. There’s a prevalent attitude that trusts and wills are more difficult than they appear on the surface. With the aid of a lawyer they can be drafted out, edited and tweaked to your smallest specification.

Divorce And Custody

You can also meet with a lawyer for multiple purposes. You can ask them about trusts and wills even as you file divorce papers. The United States sees over 875,000 divorces every year. That’s a new divorce happening every 35 seconds. Over 40% of first marriages will end in a divorce, significantly smaller than second marriages and third marriages, which bear a steady average of 60% and 70%, respectively. A divorce can take years to finalize without the aid of a lawyer, particularly when it comes to issues like asset relocation or child custody.

Accidents And Drunk Driving

When you’ve been in a car accident a lawyer might be the last thing on your mind. Some are fortunate enough to walk away with little more than damage to their vehicle, while others end up in the hospital and out of work. A lawyer can better help you determine the cause of your accident and help you with issues relating to workers’ compensation, a personal injury claim or a drunk driving charge. Every two minutes a person will be injured in a drunk driving crash. The U.S. Department Of Justice determined motor vehicle accidents to be the most common personal injury case.

Slips And Falls

Another area you will need legal help in is pertaining to workplace injury. Work conditions can be hazardous, from gaining a long-term injury through poor posture or slipping and spraining your back. Whether or not you qualify for a personal injury claim or workers’ compensation depends on a few factors. Your state laws, the details of your case and the type of job you have will all add up to a conclusion that could see you getting a settlement. Contrary to popular belief, most personal injury cases are actually settled outside the courtroom. A recent study determined just 5% going to trial in any given year.

Adoption And Consultation

Trusts and wills can also crossover with not just divorce, but adoption. There’s a certain peace that comes with making sure all your legal bases are covered. More than one million children are involved in divorce proceedings every single year, with a similar amount seeing the possibility for adoption. Determining how well a child can fit into your family dynamic, with details like budget and parenting experience, needs to be done with the aid of a lawyer. Stress only makes matters worse and a child’s happiness needs to be prioritized constantly.

A lawyer isn’t a cause for alarm, but relief. How can a law firm help walk you through this rough patch in your life?

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