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DUI Attorneys What They Can Do To Help You

If you’ve gotten pulled over for driving under the influence, you’ll have to meet with DWI attorneys to select the best person to defend you during this legal process. The charges can vary depending on your alcohol level and what happened while you were behind the wheel. Either way, you’ll need a lawyer to help answer the most common questions and try to get you a fair deal.

You want to be cleared of charges and not face any jail time. One of the easiest punishments is having to attend DUI school, and you’ll probably have many questions, such as “Attendance at a DUI school is required starting at what time?” You also have to understand that driving under the influence doesn’t necessarily mean you’re drunk. Even a driver not legally drunk is dangerous on the road, so you could get arrested for having a couple of drinks.

Cops are trained to pull people over when there’s a suspected DUI, meaning that someone is driving too fast or too recklessly. Your attorney will help you understand these matters better, but prepare questions, such as “What do 3 counts of DUI mean?” so you can be ready. Let’s find out how a lawyer can help you fight a DUI charge.


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Nobody wants to “need” an attorney at any point in their life — but the chances that you will are actually fairly high. Needing an attorney doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve done something wrong; often, people use attorneys for relatively routine procedures like planning out their wills. In other cases, people need divorce lawyers and custody lawyers to help them end their marriages quickly and efficiently, while at the same time settling custody. The idea of needing a defense attorney is a bit more intimidating — but again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve done something wrong. You may have been accused of something you didn’t do; and for that matter, it’s often good to have a defense attorney on hand should someone you know be accused of a serious crime. The point is that there are many reasons why you might need an attorney — and the last thing you should do is hesitate about whether or not to hire one. If you’re considering getting an attorney at all, you probably should get one. It’s better safe than sorry, and hiring an attorney early can help you avoid a world of trouble. This is especially true in cases involving DUIs, which is what we’ll discuss in this particular article. Still — how do you find a DUI attorney? What does a good DUI attorney do, and what kind of difference will they make in your case?

How To Find A DUI Attorney

First thing’s first: how do you find a DUI attorney? Obviously, any attorney searches begin with browsing online. But if you’re facing DUI charges, you probably don’t have time to waste. You need to find a DUI attorney capable of helping you with your case, and fast. If you know anyone who has faced a similar situation successfully, feel free to ask them for their opinions and recommendations. But with that being said, every case is different, and you should look for an attorney that has experience in cases as similar to yours as possible. Many experienced attorneys have reviews of their services that are easy to find. Take advantage of this — and if the attorney offers to consult with you for free, don’t hold back on questions. Make sure that this attorney is right for you. Once you do so, they’ll be able to get started on helping you.

DUI Lawyers: What They Can Do To Help You

Some DUI cases seem cut and dry — but in reality, very few are. There are many ways in which a DUI lawyer can help you either escape a conviction entirely, or receive a lesser punishment. Ohio has particular laws regarding DUIs, which are also referred to as “operating a vehicle under the influence” charges or OVIs. There are also implied consent laws particular to the state; this means that if you refused to submit to a chemical test, you are given a fine and automatic license suspension. See — these are things you already would have known had you spoken to an attorney! Luckily, there are many cases in which a plea bargain can be reached fairly easily, especially when the defendant has no prior record, had a borderline blood alcohol limit, and didn’t hurt anyone. Some lawyers encourage their clients to accept what is called a “wet reckless” plea, which is a conviction of reckless driving under the influence of alcohol. It’s not ideal, but it also isn’t as serious as DUI/OVI conviction. A good lawyer will look into many different factors, such as whether or not a police officer had cause to pull you over, whether or not the results of your blood test were valid, and so on.

Working With An Attorney: The Risks

You are much more likely to be convicted if you work without an attorney — it’s that simple. This can result in up to six points on your license, a criminal record, a fine, and sometimes even jail time. The risk isn’t worth it.


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