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Entering the Marijuana Business? What You Need to Know About

Cannabis law

Marijuana has been in existence for an estimated 5,000 years. It has been used traditionally all over ancient civilizations in Asia, Africa, Europe and later in the Americas. Despite being around for so long, having various uses, and almost half of Americans admitting to have used it, marijuana has almost always had a bad reputation in the United States. So much so that it is banned in most U.S. states and about $20 billion every year is spent on preventing its use.

Recently, cannabis law and the argument for the legalization of marijuana has grown increasingly popular. For one, most Americans do not have a problem with it. If anything, 69% think alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. Almost two thirds would not mind if businesses selling legal marijuana were established in their neighborhood. For this reason and more marijuana business lawyers have been working to change the laws on marijuana use.

Many marijuana entrepreneurs rely on a cannabis attorney or marijuana lawyer with the knowledge of the marijuana legalization phenomenon to provide counsel and advice on how to address the situation. One thing to note about marijuana law is that it is constantly changing. With more states legalizing it to certain degrees, cannabis law groups are helping others not only understand the laws and what is going on, but helping to plan for compliance as well. For those with goals of starting a business in the marijuana market, much more is involved than simply having proper knowledge of soil and growing it. This is why marijuana business lawyers are important assets to becoming successful in this market.

When deciding to get into the business of marijuana and open a dispensory, for example, it is important to understand both business law and the potential issues that come with simply starting a business as well as marijuana law and the laws that may prohibit a business from getting off the ground. With each state having it’s own guidelines as to how marijuana can be legally distributed and how, marijuana business lawyers can help to break down these often complicated laws in a way that is easier to understand and address.

Almost half of Americans think that marijuana should be legalized. It’s profits alone are proving exactly why with it expecting to make about $6 billion by the end of 2016. That is a huge contribution to the American economy and marijuana business lawyers are well aware. While not easy to start, hiring a good marijuana lawyer can be the difference between success and failure of your business and future in the thriving marijuana industry.

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