Is Your Car Affected By Recent Mass Recalls?

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It’s been an interesting year for car manufacturers — and not necessarily in a good way. GM kicked off the year by recalling 1.6 million vehicles with faulty ignition switches — a defect linked with at least 13 deaths and counting. Ford recently issued its own recall, with affected automobiles amounting to 6.4 million!

With a vast amount of vehicles on the proverbial chopping block (or at least requiring critical repairs), it’s understandable to get a bit worked up about your own safety. Is your car affected? Here’s how to check, and what to do if it is:

Go Online For Lists of Recalled Models

Expect a notice in the mail if your vehicle is recalled. In rare circumstances, however, you may not receive notification from your dealership. If you think you may be the exception, go online to verify the status of your vehicle., car manufacturers’ official websites, Consumer Reports, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) all list recalled cars.

Hold Your Dealership Accountable

If your vehicle is recalled, call the dealership to schedule an appointment for repairs. Any recall-related repairs are completely free. Some large-scale recalls — such as the recent GM and Toyota recalls — may entail a waiting period. It may take some time for the dealership to receive necessary parts. If you feel unsafe driving your car in the meantime, ask for a rental or loaner vehicle (at no extra cost).

Ask, Are You Eligible For Compensation?

If you sustained a traumatic brain injury or other critical injuries in a car accident involving a recalled vehicle, you may be eligible for compensation. Traumatic brain injury attorneys and head injury lawyers are holding manufacturers accountable for the damage and suffering they caused. “Last month [March], the Justice Department ended a four-year investigation of the automaker [Toyota], imposing a $1.2 billion criminal penalty after finding that the company concealed information about defects that caused sudden, unintended acceleration in several models,” The New York Times writes.

Don’t take chances with your safety and well-being. Immediately schedule any recall-related repairs with your dealership, and talk to traumatic brain injury attorneys if you have been injured in a related auto accident. Good refereneces: More like this.

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