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I’ve Been Accused Of A Drunk Driving Charge Should I Hire A Criminal Attorney?

The road is a risky place to be. There are a thousand and one factors that can get in the way between you and returning home safe.

A slip on a patch of ice, an encounter with road rage…it’s a lot to navigate on your way to the grocery store. When you find yourself facing property damage from a crash or being accused of a drunk driving incident, it’s essential to learn everything you can about the field of law. This isn’t always easy, especially if this is your first time considering legal help, and will be better done with the aid of a criminal attorney. It’s a professional eye you need during these tough times, with no one better equipped to help than those who have seen your case before.

Whether it’s called a DUI or a DWI, drunk driving shows similar patterns across the country. Learn more about them below.

What Constitutes Drunk Driving?

Drunk driving isn’t as cut-and-paste as it might seem. You need a certain amount of alcohol in your system to qualify, not to mention the expanding definition of what can be legally charged. Not only does consuming alcohol before or during driving count, but so does consumption of illegal drugs and over-the-counter medication. A drug attorney may need to be brought in if you’ve been accused of a DUI or DWI. Urine samples, driving history, and car insurance information are just a few of the details that will be brought into play to determine the result of your case.

How Common Is Drunk Driving?

One of the most frequently encountered hazards on the American road is drunk driving. According to recent statistics, drunk driving, road rage, and vehicle negligence are the majority of factors responsible for car crashes. Over six million collisions occur in the United States every year, with at least three million resulting in minor to severe injuries. Distracted driving is one issue that’s starting to see more prominence, due in no small part to a lack of awareness. All it takes is one second to get into a crash and many drivers today use up that lone second trying to text or changing the radio dial.

What Are Other Common Road Hazards?

With winter on the way you’re likely aware of additional road hazards on top of distracted driving and drunk driving. Icy roads that are difficult to navigate, heavy storms, and the day becoming darker earlier are all issues that get in the way of a smooth driving experience. Vehicle negligence remains an especially frustrating issue. This is a broad definition that can include failing to install winter tires or neglecting to swap out oil, affecting a car’s ability to work at peak efficiency. This may or may not be encountered in your particular case.

How Does Drunk Driving Differ Based On The State?

You might be wondering as to the difference between a DUI and a DWI. Drunk driving differs depending on the state, both when it comes to terminology and how a case is determined. The state of Utah, for example, now requires a BAC (blood alcohol content) of 0.05% to qualify for a drunk driving charge. Compare this to the rest of the country, where the BAC limit remains at 0.08%. Hiring a criminal attorney will better help you figure out the details and keep you from getting lost as you near a conclusion.

Should I Hire A Criminal Attorney To Represent Me?

It’s best to play it safe and leave the legal navigation to the professionals. When you’re accused of drunk driving you have to go through a lengthy process to see your name cleared. This includes, but is not limited to, determining property damage claims, interviewing witnesses, reviewing your driving history, checking the car for possible neglect, and consulting with other attorneys on related fields. During this stressful time a criminal attorney can make sure not a sheet of paperwork goes missed. You can also be assured your case is reviewed properly, rather than coasting on probability.

The road is risky enough. Don’t add even more to your case. Hire a criminal attorney to represent you.

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