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Marriage Not Working? It Might be Time to Call a Divorce Attorney

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Committing the rest of your life to another person is a very powerful decision. A beautiful courtship and engagement may not result in an equally as wonderful marriage. In fact, once you make this step, you may find out the person you thought you were marrying is gone; replaced with a completely new individual. Try as you might, you aren’t able to live with the person your significant other has become. You decide it’s time to hire a divorce attorney.

Not All Marriages Are Meant to Last

We know divorce is more common than it used to be here in the United States as laws and beliefs have laxed. Now, 10% of the population is divorced. A number of modern factors can go into this: the rising of women in the workforce, the changing work – – home balance, and the like. However, there are some factors of divorce that just never change: domestic violence, abuse, and adultery to name a few. If the two of you have been together for years, longevity is a not always a good sign that you’ll pull through. For couples who have been married for 5 years, the chance of divorce is 20% whereas if the marriage lasts to 10 years, that number increases to 33%.

But I have Children, They Need Stability

If you’re hesitant to contact a divorce attorney because of the children you two share, don’t let your fear hold you back. Children are incredibly observant and will detect the unrest between you and your spouse. Growing up in a loveless, constantly unruly household is certainly not the best option. Many couples with children divorce each year, averaging around 1.5 million. What you can do to help them out, hopefully much later on, is change your will into their favor.

I’m Thinking About Divorce, Not Dying

When’s the last time you updated your will? It’s recommended to update it every 3 to 5 years. Wait, you don’t have one? If you “haven’t gotten around to making one” like 57% of people, what are you waiting for? It often takes only 10 to 15 minutes and Business Insider claims it is one of the top three most important legal documents to have.

If you’re in an unhappy relationship, don’t let anything stop you from freeing yourself. There are divorce attorneys and child support attorneys available for you should anything turn south. Don’t let your fear keep you from being happy.

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