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Three Questions and Their Answers About ALTCS Arizona

Altcs arizona

Every single one of us gets older. That?s no surprise; it?s what we do. As we move through our young life and into our adulthood, we may not pay particular attention to what it will mean to age into retirement and beyond. When we do age into our ?senior? years, it might become very apparent that we will be in need of care, possibly long-term care. If you find yourself residing in Arizona as the latter part of your life unfolds, and if you are financially and medically eligible, you?ll be very glad to know ALTCS.

ALTCS stand for Arizona Long Term Care System, and they will help you get great long-term care for as long as it?s needed. ALTCS is Arizona?s state Medicaid program, providing long-term care services to residents who are aged, blind, disabled, or have a developmental disability.

Here are three very important questions and their answers regarding what you need to know about ALTCS Arizona.

How do I apply for ALTCS

To apply, you must first fill out an application. You may obtain an application by calling your local ALTCS office, and you may have an Arizona estate planning attorney complete this part of the process if that would make you more comfortable. You must be determined as needing nursing home level care, and meet the eligibility requirements, both financial and non-financial.

If you are married, determinations are made based on where your spouse is able reside, what your spouse needs from your combined recourses to live, and what combined assets you have. A separate application is used for married applicants, and goes into detail about the criteria.

How is my income counted towards and eligibility decision?

The income that is counted comes from resources that include, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, disability or retirement pensions, to name a few. If your income is over the limit, you still might be able to qualify by setting up a special kind of trust. An Arizona probate attorney might be best suited to determine exactly how that trust could be prepared.

How does ALTCS Arizona determine if I?m medically eligible?

You will be determined medically eligible after you have been determined financially eligible. Once you?re eligible financially, a nurse or a social worker will sit down with you for a face-to-face interview. To meet the requirements, it will be determined in this interview that you are at immediate risk of institutionalization in a nursing facility or immediate care facility for the mentally ill.

Moving into the latter years of life can be a scary and difficult time. When you?re not quite sure how you?re going to be able to get by with all of the additional complications of medications and long-term care, it?s good to know that high quality care is there for you if and when you need it.

If you are a resident of Arizona, you can rest assured that you won?t be heading into your latter years without someone watching over you. ALTCS Arizona was put into place to make sure everyone can age with dignity and self-respect, just the way it should be.

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