More Bizarre Lawsuits To Tickle Your Funny Bone

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If you’ve been caught up in legal issues, you’re probably sick of hearing legal advice from attorneys. You deserve to take a load off from all that stress, and have a nice laugh at the expense of some frivolous filers of ludicrous lawsuits. Here are just a couple cases that will make you chortle and cringe, and will help give you a little break from the stress of your legal involvements.

What a hot case – If you’ve ever eaten food, then chances are you’ve had a run-in with the spicy red rooster known as Sriracha. The famous hot sauce brand ran into some legal trouble in 2013 when they were sued by the city of Irwindale, California. The residents claimed that the emissions from their factory were causing the surrounding air to become unbearably spicy. They claimed the odor could be detected for miles in every direction, and would frequently burn the eyes of small children at birthday parties.

A night to remember – A woman from Portland, Oregon filed a $100,000 lawsuit against a restaurant where she had dinner reservations on Valentine’s Day. When her husband cancelled because he “still felt full from lunch,” she decided to take advantage of the reservation and eat alone. The problem arose when the restaurant became so busy, they had to ask her to give up her table for two, without even letting her order. The restaurant also didn’t do takeout, so naturally, the woman demanded her free meal. (And then some.)

Now that’s good coffee – Imagine what this criminal defense lawyer must have felt when he heard this one. A Virginia man was sued by a co-worker after an argument led to unconventional revenge tactics. The man was ordered to pay $5001 to his rival, after it was discovered that he’d peed in the office coffee pot. Talk about legal issues! I bet the jury said, “Sir, urine trouble.”

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