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Understanding What a Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Can Do

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There are a lot of reasons someone might be in need of a sex crime defense attorney, and understanding when you need this type of criminal defense attorney and how to find the right lawyer could be very important to your future.

What is a Sex Crime Defense Attorney?

This type of lawyer defends against criminal allegations in a variety of situations. For example, prostitution and solicitation. These are Class A misdemeanors that can be punishable by up to a year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines. Women are disproportionately prosecuted for this sort of sex crime, at 43,000 a year compared to just 19,000 men. Promoting prostitution is an even more serious crime, with far greater possible financial penalties and prison sentences. A sex crime defense attorney also defends people charged with sexual assault, rape, possession of child pornography, or other criminal matters.

Is it Important to Have a Sex Crime Defense Attorney?

For most people, getting a lawyer as quickly as possible is essential to getting the best possible outcome. There is a great deal of reflexive public sentiment aimed at anyone charged with any sort of sex crime, and often those so charged are essentially considered guilty just because the charge is serious. Not only can sex crimes result in prison time and fines, but convicted sex offenders must often register as such once they get out, making it difficult to live and work normally.

A good sex crime defense attorney can in some cases get the issue resolved quickly before charges are actually filed, particularly in cases where illegal searches took place, or, for example, when the defendant didn’t know files were on a computer because they were put there by someone else. There are also cases where adults engage with minors where the minors pretended to be of adult age and the person charged could not know differently. In this case, a good attorney is needed for investigation, interviews, and defense.

What Should a Sex Crime Defense Attorney Be Like?

Because of strong public sentiment and aggression against those charged with sex crimes, it is essential that this sort of criminal defense attorney be able to mount an aggressive and clear defense. Extensive experience is generally preferable, as well as someone who understands how sex crime allegations differ from other criminal charges.

If you are under any criminal charges, and particularly sex crime charges, getting an attorney right away is key to your future, your finances, and possibly your freedom. Get the right lawyer with the right experience to help you defend yourself well.

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