What is Consciously Uncoupling? Gwyneth Paltrow Tackles That Question

What is an uncontested divorce

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and soon-to-be ex-husband are going their separate ways — and they plan to do it without traditional uncontested divorce proceedings and child custody attorneys. Paltrow announced the stars’ intentions to consciously uncouple earlier this year on her lifestyle website, Goop. The statement outlined the couples’ plans to remain civil and skip child custody lawyers, among other things.

Conscious Uncoupling: Your Questions Answered

Paltrow and Martin are not holding anything back. Instead of referring to mediators as child custody lawyers, the couple will work with uncoupling facilitators and make mutually beneficial — and amicable — decisions whenever possible. In a rather bizarre spin on tradition, the couple also plans to mark the split with an formal uncoupling ceremony. “[Paltrow] will wear a custom uncoupled pantsuit by Stella McCartney… It’ll be white. There will be an acoustic number by Chris, with the kids singing backup,” The Huffington Post explains. The actress and Cold Play singer also plan to remain relatively close — and, most importantly, civil. The parents aim to put the needs and interests of their children first, at every step along the way — and especially during the split. True to their word, the couple appears to be making a conscious effort to stay friendly. The two were spotted vacationing together just weeks after Paltrow’s announcement.

Will Conscious Uncoupling Be the Next Big Thing?

Paltrow and Martin are generating quite a bit of buzz. The question on everyone’s minds, then, is conscious uncoupling the next big thing? The verdict is still out on that one — but it’s not very likely. Even news groups were divided on the famous couple’s unique course of action. NPR heralded the motion as creative and admirable. Others suggested that the uncoupling ceremony was a bit too much — and that the proceedings suggest Paltrow and Martin look down on those who opt for a traditional divorce.

Unconscious uncoupling still seems to entail a friendly divorce — in all but the name (and various terms used to describe those involved). Sources remain highly divided about the couple’s decision, and it’s unlikely that many people will follow suit. Find more on this topic here.

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