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Analyzing Texts, Running Background Checks, and Other Responsibilities of Real-Life Detectives

How do you hire a private investigator

What exactly do private detectives do? Some confusion is certainly understandable — especially given all of the stereotypes and popular misconceptions perpetuated by television. Contrary to popular belief, very few detectives stalk cheating spouses in a mini-van (MTV’s Cheaters anyone?). Peeking over a newspaper while parked outside of someone’s house — like Mike on Breaking Bad — is similarly unlikely. Here are some real-life reasons to hire a private investigator:

You’re Part of a Large Corporation That’s Hiring

The screening, interviewing, and hiring process can be extremely timely. The internet makes it easier — and more difficult — to verify candidates education, job history, and related qualifications. Many firms choose to hire private investigation services to streamline the entire process. Private detectives quickly and efficiently perform background checks, saving large companies valuable time. With at least half of all Americans lying or exaggerating on their resumes (according to USA Today), it is also important to use a screening process you can trust. Private detective firms have the most up-to-date and advanced software for performing background checks and similarly investigating prospective employees’ history.

You’ve Got Your Hands On Some Digital Or Mobile Evidence

Courts are increasingly relying on text messages, emails, social media messages, and search histories to get to the bottom of particular cases. Whether you are getting a divorce and using a soon-to-be ex-spouses incriminating messages — or whether courts use text messages to ascertain the details of more serious crimes — most will bring in private investigators to analyze the messages and speak with authority on electronic or mobile evidence.

Someone’s Missing

In rare cases, it’s just like the movies. Although it doesn’t necessarily happen often, some private investigators do tail cheating spouses. If you’re looking for a missing person, a private detective will most likely be able to help you. The detectives doing this line of work often operate independently, instead of working for a particular organization or firm.

Real-life detectives are out there — and, in most cases, they’re performing background checks for large corporations or lending their expertise about digital evidence. Read this website for more information: www.ecpinj.com

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