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When Filing a Workers Comp Claim, Know What Your State Requires

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Filing a workers comp claim can be a stressful occasion for anyone with the combination of being injured, missing work, and filing paperwork by a deadline. That paperwork requires the filer to prove the accident wasn’t their fault. The question of whose fault the accident was creates a certain amount of discord. Navigating the process of filing a workers comp claim can be simplified by keeping a few keys in mind.

Keeping the Process Simple: Keep Records of Everything.

When it comes to workers compensation, it is important to know what the exact law requires in your state. Each state will have its own rules on timing, paperwork, and whom to notify. It is important to find out the specifics as soon as possible after an incident so that your workers comp claim can be processed correctly.

What Incident Might Require a Workers Compensation Claim?

Nearly 85% of all workers comp claims are due to an employee slipping on a slick floor. About 22% of all slip or fall incidents cause a worker to miss over 31 days of work. Reports indicate that fewer than one in four adults have the recommended six months of emergency savings in their bank account. That is quite a problem for the average worker, but it is even more concerning for families in which the primary breadwinner is out of work. Accidents can and do happen across industries, but what each one has in common is discomfort and fear that the claim will be held up or denied.

Establishing Fault in a Workers Comp Claim.

No one intentionally injures themselves at work. At times, even the most careful worker can grow distracted and not notice where they have planted their feet. Other times, a workplace will grow lax about inspections and safety briefings, which can eventually result in an unsafe working environment. The key is establishing whose fault it is that a worker was injured. To do this, one needs evidence in some form, whether in video format, pictures, or eye-witness accounts.

It Might Be a Good Idea to Get the Advice of an Attorney.

Filing a workers compensation claim is a form of personal injury law. It therefore makes sense to contact a personal injury lawyer if you run into some trouble during the filing process. As it is crucial to understand the laws surrounding workers compensation in your state, it has saved many filers time and stress to seek out an attorney’s counsel. Many workers chose to go through the process alone, however there is no need to make the process more stressful either. It is always wise to ask for help when it is needed.

Being injured at work is not uncommon. In fact, tripping or slipping are the most common injuries, although the severity of the injury differs due to many factors. If you or someone you know has been injured and is now facing the daunting task of filing a claim, there are a few things that can be done to simplify the process. One, remember to keep each piece of paper that comes your way, such as the note from work that sent you to the doctor; the doctor’s notes; your request for time off of work and work’s response; and anything else that pertains to the incident. It is always preferable for the claim to proceed without question however, it is necessary to be prepared.

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