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Wrongful Eviction May Lead to an Arrest

Eviction laws have changed since the pandemic. This is particularly true in New York. The laws surrounding eviction can be complicated, so make sure you have an excellent eviction defense attorney to represent you. In this video, you will see a police officer confronting both a landlord and a tenant in Syracuse regarding a possibly illegal eviction.

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Illegal evictions have skyrocketed during the pandemic. This may be due to the loss of jobs and closing of certain businesses. What exactly constitutes an illegal eviction in the first place? An illegal eviction occurs when a landlord evicts a tenant without the proper court order. Even small things such as changing out the locks may constitute illegal eviction. This would be considered a misdemeanor in New York State.

In the video, you can see the police officer try to calm down the tenant and landlord. The tenant is upset because the landlord locked her out and sold all of her belongings. The land lord is upset because the tenant owes him a whopping $15,000 dollars. Further, he claims that she refused to clean the stove which cause the landlord to get fined. Eviction should be taken very seriously.


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