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Marriage Not Working? It Might be Time to Call a Divorce Attorney

Committing the rest of your life to another person is a very powerful decision. A beautiful courtship and engagement may not result in an equally as wonderful marriage. In fact, once you make this step, you may find out the

Tips to Make Your Divorce Easier

If you’re like most people, you went into your marriage full of hope for the future. You and your husband have a great relationship and you are going to make it work. You don’t think you will ever need the

What to Ask a Bankruptcy Attorney

No one wants to file for bankruptcy.  Some people think that the only people who go bankrupt are people who lived wild lives and spent much more money than they had. The truth is that more than 60% of American

How Darth Vader Could Have Used a Good Pre-Litigation Strategy

No one wants to go to court if it is at all avoidable. Whether the case involves damage of personal property, discrimination, a violation of environmental law, or any number of other accusations, parties involved on both sides of the

The Importance of Court Reporting Services

Court reporting is incredibly common, but largely unknown and/or unseen in the general public. In recent years, a shortage in court reporters has led to the field becoming more attractive to students who want a guaranteed job after graduation. If

3 Ways to Make Estate Planning Services Easy

Death is a scary topic for most people and perhaps this is the primary reason for ignoring or dismissing the need for estate planning services. While it is of course okay and in fact normal to be afraid of death,

Why You Should Hire A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

With 917,100 workplace … related injuries and illnesses resulting in missed days at work in 2013, it’s easier to get hurt at work than you’d think. That same year, occupational injuries alone caused American men and women to miss an