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Construction Attorneys Can Manage All Contract Issues

Over the past decade, the construction workforce has faced a number of changes, both in value and the amount of work available to the American people. The industry has come across a number of ups and downs, meaning many different

I’ve Been In A Bad Car Crash And Need Help What Can An Attorney Do For Me?

A car crash rarely involves just the driver. Just one missed opportunity to turn on time can result in loss of life and severe injury. Accidents with commercial trucks are widely known to damage the environment due to the heavy

Making a Wrongful Death Case

It is an unfortunate truth that sometimes, Americans are killed when going about their daily lives or working in the workplace, often due to drunk drivers, workplace negligence or carelessness, or even if someone suffers alcohol poisoning at a bar

Car Accidents and the Law

American roads cover the entire country, from interstate highways to city roads to country lanes, but the issue is that sometimes, drivers on these roads are not safe. Often, drivers are intoxicated with alcohol or are on drugs that impair

More than Personal Injury Attorneys to Close the Case

Many different personal injuries occur at any time, requiring attorneys of all specialities to help with the case. Some injuries happen at work while others are in an auto accident or other locations. A personal injury attorney is able to

Time To Call A Lawyer After A Car Accident?

A car accident can happen at any point, when you least it expect it. Even if you have both eyes on the road it only take s a split second for an accident to occur and for your entire day

Dash Cameras and Body Cameras Working with Police and Civilians

One of the most popular uses of dash cameras for cars is in the police force. So many police cars work with dash cameras, as well as police officers wearing body cameras, all actions can be recorded that help to

Surviving Child Custody Disputes

It may feel as if there are endless ways to describe a lawyer: a custody lawyer, a criminal lawyer, an injury attorney, a civil lawyer, a corporate lawyer, a public defender. Some terms are used more often than others, and

Charged with a DUI? Ask Your Criminal Law Attorney These 3 Questions Before Hiring Them

You had a lot of fun out with your friends. But at some point during the night, you lost track of how much you’d had to drink. Though you felt fine, the police officer on the side of the road

Getting a Divorce

Various courts of law exist across the country for a number of purposes, ranging from bankruptcy cases to criminal charges, and some courts for family law are in fact divorce courts, and military divorce follows similar patterns to civilian cases