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Bringing Justice To The Needy

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Measures for Justice – What The Portal Can Do is a short video that shows how crime stats and other contextual statistics have been categorized by using data. The database created some years ago helps to provide a concise picture of how criminal data has been collected from county to county. This database is good if you want to know and understand the crime statistics within a specific area because it will help to accentuate the key focus areas that are a challenge and to acknowledge where improvements can be made in communities and within the legal framework of that particular county. If you are a prosecutor then this database will assist you extensively because it can show you how many cases have gone to trial and this could open up the dialogue about the reasons for this.

The portal helps you to know what are the influences behind the crime stats of each county and how businesses are conducted in conjunction with the crime rates in counties across America. Its advanced features allow a user to filter data according to different components such as race and gender that could affect the outcome of statistics and cases that end up going to trial. The data has been collected by professionals who have found a way to also highlight the inequality that exists in America and has resulted in some conversations being brought up that relate to the legal system. Many disparities exist within the demographics of counties, yet they remain unchanged. This portal has been a considerable way to do comparisons of legal systems across different counties.

If you are interested in finding out more about this initiative then you can visit the website measuresforjustice.org and you don’t have to be a prosecutor because this portal will be useful even to a personal injury lawyer. There is data that could help a frustrated personal injury lawyer with information to help their client with suing a party to an accident for instance. There is still more data being collected by the organization but it hopes that it will expand its data collection and include other categories that could help to improve the legal system. It could be beneficial to more countries, in particular, the countries that have high crime levels and a backlog of pending cases that have not been able to get a trial date due to limited resources or other reasons. Hu

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