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Car Accidents And Medical Malpractice Why Americans Are Seeking Out Attorneys

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It’s scary when you’re faced with an injury. You’re in pain, you’re struggling to figure out your insurance…it’s a lot to deal with. When you’re positive you’re not even to blame? You have an entirely different world of legal jargon to sift through to get the help you deserve. An attorney, particularly one with a focus in car accidents or personal injury, can be your shoulder to lean on as you go through the financial and legal process of putting your life back together again. How do you go about this process, especially if this is your first time seeking out an accident attorney? The first step is often the hardest part.

Learn about the more common accidents in America, the function of an attorney and how you can apply for legal help in your time of need.

The United States is, unfortunately, home to many driving accidents. There are over six million car accidents across the country every year, with highly populated areas and highways having a more significant concentration of minor to severe crashes. Although drunk driving is to blame for many of these easily avoidable accidents, it’s far from the only contributor to this staggering number. It’s estimated distracted driving claimed over 3,400 lives in 2015 alone. Worldwide? Over one million people will die in car accidents annually.

Distracted driving is a term to denote a driver whose attention is compromised by a minor task. This can include, but is not limited to, trying to operate a radio dial, texting, talking on the phone, talking to children in the backseat and eating food. Drunk driving is a definition expanded to include alcohol, illegal substances and medication that causes drowsiness and impaired motor control. Car accident attorneys are familiar with the legal process involved in identifying and managing the aftermath of a crash.

Personal injury cases are commonplace, with many receiving one on the job and seeking out an attorney when they are unable to claim damages or workers compensation. An estimated 4% to 5% of all personal injury cases in the United States will go to trial, with the vast majority being settled out-of-court. According to the U.S. Department Of Justice, the most common factors involved in a personal injury case include motor vehicle accidents at 50% and medical malpractice at 15%. Product liability and neglect are additional reasons you may apply for a personal injury attorney.

Your workplace needs to be safe and well-kept. This means your office and working facilities should be clean, you should be given standard equipment to prevent injury and you should never be afraid of contracting a virus while on the clock. The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention have reported that over 17,000 slip and fall accidents occur every year. These can be easily prevented by wearing proper footwear and maintaining clean, dry floors. When you find yourself losing valuable work time because of an injury, a personal injury attorney can help you figure out your state’s unique laws in addressing your case.

Slips and falls may seem innocuous. Indeed, sometimes a victim is lucky to get away with a minor bruise or a sprain. They can, however, be much worse. Falls are a major contributor to traumatic brain injury and, according to some studies, the most significant. Slips, trips and falls can also result in twisted ankles, broken bones and concussions. A recent study saw over 20% of slip and fall incidents resulting in more than a month away from work. Some personal injury cases also take into account illnesses sustained while working.

An attorney is your first line of defense against a case that is tossed to the side in an already very active legal landscape. It takes a visit to your local law firm (which may or may not have free consultation) to learn more about the options available to you. The worst thing you can do when faced with a car accident, personal injury or medical malpractice is to do nothing.

Seek out the help you need today so you can move on toward the future without a hitch.

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